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Temporary to Hire

Whether you need someone for a single day, a small project, a week, year or even to test out before you hire them on your payroll this would be the best service for you. We are the employer of record and pay them and bill you for only the hours they work, we pay everything else. Call us today for details.


Direct Hire

This popular service has us hunting for that perfect person for you. From the junior to most senior level, hard to fill position, let us do the work so you can focus on your clients. We look for those people who are hard at work now but not entirely happy. They are looking for a place they can love, going to work where they say “Thank God it’s MONDAY” and not TGIF.


Payroll Processing and Employee Leasing

We run your payroll for you saving you time and money. We can even be the Employer of Record thus freeing up your time from learning the ins and outs of payroll, Human Resources and the Employment Standards act.

This allows you to run your business, taking care of your customers which is what will make you even more successful.


A la Carte HR Services

  • Advertising and sourcing
  • Resume review and short list preparation
  • Reference checking
  • Criminal and background checks
  • Academic credential verification
  • Candidate offer preparation and presentation
  • Outplacement and career counselling

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LATEST NEWS // What's Going On


    September 4th, 2015

    Our new and improved website gives us the ability to blog. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! So??? What should our first ever blog post be about? We think we should say THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU to all our workers that. For the past 15 years you have given us your hard work and dedication. 


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