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Ever been in a situation where you thought you found the ideal candidate, but everything just goes downhill from day one? Well, you do not want to be in a situation like that. Forbes recently reported that a bad hire could cost a company approximately USD $240,000. Scary, right? Maybe now would be a good time to start searching using “staffing agency near me” online to acquire the right talent.

Because of the rise in competition and the pressures of finding the right person immediately, many companies struggle to find the most suitable candidate and often make mistakes. There is a lot of investment and planning that goes in to finding the right staffing solutions for your organization and a bad hire will disrupt that plan.

Onboarding a bad hire does not only cost you money but has a number of other disadvantages like damaging company culture, bringing employee morale down, damaging customer experience, and chasing top talent and other key resources away. No organization would want to be in a compromising position like that. Even after removing the bad hire, you would still have to invest time and resources to reset the behaviors of team members who emulated the bad hire.

While there are a few things you could do to refine your recruitment process, like:

  • Recruit based on skill and not experience
  • Do a thorough reference check
  • Standardize the recruitment process
  • Set clear expectations and timelines
  • Conduct reviews frequently

You could, however, resort to professional help by contacting staffing agencies near you. Staffing companies will take on the tedious and repetitive work of going through applications and finding the best employees. So instead of taking on hiring like a shot in the dark and hoping the perfect applications lands in front of you, you could use the services of a staffing agency in Brampton, which is from Nova Staffing.

Nova Staffing will take the time to understand your exact needs, time that you may not have to invest in the recruiting process. We would go through every application and vet all potential employees before sending them to your company for further interviewing. By working with an agency that has the perfect staffing solution in place, will save you all this effort.

Has this article convinced you to contact a staffing agency near you?

Since 2000, Nova Staffing has been recruiting the finest employees for organizations across Brampton. Not everyone has the resources or the time to look for people to help with their business so that’s why working with a staffing agency in Brampton like us that collectively has over 60 years of management experience can be so beneficial. To know more about our staffing solutions, visit our website today!

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