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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every aspect of daily life across the world. Restrictions have begun to loosen up, but the pandemic is going to have a lasting impact on how everything is done, including hiring. Below are a few hiring trends that companies should pay attention to in a post-pandemic landscape.


Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility will be at the forefront of hiring for the next few years. The pandemic has shown that companies and employees who are adaptable are the most likely to survive. Increased flexibility in things such as remote working, work schedules, and contract types are growing in popularity already and benefit both parties. Businesses are able to find qualified candidates to meet their needs quicker, and candidates can find positions that are a good fit.


Digital Recruitment and Onboarding

The pandemic highlighted just how vital technology is to business these days. Even as businesses begin to move back into physical workspaces, technology is going to play a crucial role in how companies operate. With social distancing still being required, businesses are going to have to rely on digital recruitment and onboarding for the foreseeable future. This is a great reason to utilize the services of a recruitment agency such as Nova Staffing. We will take care of virtually finding qualified candidates, sending only the best your way so that you can simply focus on onboarding and running your company.


Industry Specific

The pandemic hit almost every industry, but not all of them felt the same impact. While some sectors are struggling and have all but stopped hiring, others are expanding rapidly. Industries such as healthcare, grocery stores, telecommunications, customer service, and delivery services are looking to hire qualified employees right now. These industries were essential during the pandemic and their importance is not going to diminish any time soon.


If you’re looking for HR solutions from experts, Nova Staffing is ready to meet your needs. Our employment agency is one of the best in Toronto and we are committed to helping employers find qualified staff during these tough times by staying ahead of all hiring trends. Contact us today to get started!


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