The holiday season is just around the corner, and now is the time to ask- is your business ready? For many companies, the holidays aren’t only the happiest time of the year, it’s also the busiest. It’s not uncommon for workers to feel more stressed and overworked leading up to the holidays. Hiring temporary holiday workers is a great way to combat this. Here are a few benefits to using holiday employees as a staffing solution.


Increased Flexibility

Temporary workers improve flexibility to help with a number of staffing issues, especially during holiday time. From employees taking vacations to increased holiday workload, temp workers can be brought in on short notice to fill any gaps. They can be added where needed for however long your company needs the help. Their short-term contracts also mean you won’t have to deal with a surplus of staff once the holidays are over.


Improved Productivity

A stressed employee isn’t usually a productive one. Many businesses face increased demand during the holidays, and that puts a lot of pressure on employees, leaving them less time for each task. By hiring temporary workers to help with the holiday rush, you can improve productivity across the board.


Save Money

Has your company ever really looked at the math of hiring a permanent employee? Temporary employees are usually more cost-effective than long-term hires. They typically work on an hourly wage rather than salary and don’t get benefits, bonuses, or other company perks that cost money. Temp employees are a cost-effective solution to increase the holiday workload, especially since they’re typically only needed for a few months.


Long-Term Potential

Our HR experts can tell you that one of our client’s best workers started as temporary hires. Many companies find some of their hardest workers by trialing them as temp employees. It allows both the worker and company to see whether it’s a good fit before committing. Using short-term employees is also a great staffing solution while you look for the right person to fill the position.  


Keeps Staffing Balanced

One of the biggest benefits of temporary staffing is that it prevents companies from struggling with under or overstaffing. The holidays are a busy time and often require additional workers to get through it all, but once they’re over, you don’t want your company to be bloated with extra workers. You also don’t want to be caught understaffed during this time of year. The holidays fall often mean employees are taking vacation or fall victim to the flu or burn out. Holiday temp workers can help keep your business’s staffing needs balanced.


Look for holiday staffing solutions? Our team of hiring experts at Nova Staffing is here to help! As one of the top temp employment agencies in the GTA, we can help find your company qualified candidates to meet your holiday staffing needs. Contact us today to get started!

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