Suppose you’re looking for a new job or looking to fill a position. In that case, chances are you’ve heard about the holiday hiring freeze- that period from November to December when companies supposedly stop hiring, and job applicants dry up. It seems as if both sides, those looking to hire and those looking for jobs, buy into the myth of the holiday hiring freeze. This has resulted in it becoming something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, is it even worth it for businesses and jobseekers to look during the holiday season? Here’s what our staffing experts at Nova Staffing have to say about it.


Slowdown, Not a Freeze

We often get companies and applicants reaching out to us around this time asking, is the holiday hiring freeze real? And the answer is sort of. The truth is that there is a seasonal slowdown, but it’s not an outright freeze. Career coaches and companies have been told about the holiday hiring freeze for decades to the point that it’s become somewhat true. Jobseekers now assume companies don’t hire at this time, and companies assume that applicants aren’t looking. Many businesses out there are still looking to hire both full time and temporary staff, and those out of work are always eager to rejoin the workforce, especially this year.


Holiday Rush

People believe in the holiday hiring freeze because they assume businesses are too busy with the holiday rush to onboard new employees before the holidays. This is true for many companies. Many of our clients that use our employment agency ask us to freeze hiring around the holidays as it’s the busiest season of the year for them. Instead, if they need additional help or need to fulfill positions, they may opt for temporary staffing solutions like seasonal holiday workers. That doesn’t mean it’s true for every company, though! Many out there don’t experience a seasonal rush and are eager to fill positions before starting the New Year.


End of Year Books

Part of the holiday rush is reconciling the end-of-year books before the New Year. As a hiring agency, we know that many companies are forced to put off hiring until January because they simply don’t have the budget left. This doesn’t mean that businesses stop looking for new hires completely, though! Many companies still keep their eyes out for talent by reading resumes and taking interviews. In other words, just because a company doesn’t have the budget to hire you until January doesn’t mean they aren’t looking now.


Temporary Staffing Solutions

Another common belief is that businesses prioritize funds to hire temporary holiday staff during the holiday to help with the extra workload. This results in applicants drying up because they assume they’ll only be hired for seasonal work. The reality is that businesses the rely on seasonal temp staffing already have that budgeted and worked out ahead of time. As a temp staffing agency, we encourage both companies and jobseekers to rethink how they view temporary staffing. These workers aren’t disposable, and many companies end up retaining quality workers by hiring full-time. Temp staffing solutions can provide tons of long-term benefits and may even become a company’s greatest asset.


Final Thoughts

So, is the holiday hiring freeze real? Our HR experts say no! While there is a seasonal slowdown in November and December, a lot of it has to do with both sides buying into outdated misconceptions. There are still tons of hiring opportunities out there during the holiday season.


If you’re looking to fulfill positions with quality candidates or are a job seeker looking for a lucrative job, contact Nova Staffing today! We’re one of the best employment agencies in Toronto and have a team of HR experts ready to help you.


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