One of the top questions our recruitment experts at Nova Staffing get asked this time of year is, “should candidates continue to job hunt during the holiday season?” The answer can somewhat depend, but the short answer is yes! If you’re serious about job hunting, especially if you want to jump into a new career in the New Year, you should absolutely keep your search going during the holidays. Here are a few reasons why.


Less Competition During Holidays

It’s a fact that fewer candidates are actively job hunting during the holiday season. This is because many buy into the “holiday hiring freeze” myth. People may also be stressed and busy with holiday plans. This can work in your favor, however. If a company has positions open, they’ll want to fill them no matter the time of year. You’ll be up against fewer people, so you’ll be sure to get noticed!


Seasonal Work Can Become Permanent

Many people think you shouldn’t look for full-time positions this time of year since most companies are looking for temporary holiday help. While this might be true, seasonal work can often become permanent! At Nova Staffing, we’re a full-time and temporary staffing agency. Many of our clients get hired as temporary workers and end up becoming permanent ones. Seasonal temp work has benefits for both employers and employees, so don’t turn it away.


Companies Want to Start New Year Off Right

The holiday season means the New Year is approaching. While companies may not have room in their budgets for new hires this close to the end of the year, they are probably preparing for what’s to come. A lot of businesses start the hiring process now so that they can have someone ready to jump into the position as soon as the holidays are over. This works for candidates as well. If you look now, you may find something that will start just after the holidays so that you can ring in the New Year knowing you have a great new job waiting.


If you’re looking for a new job, visit our online job board or contact us today! Our team of hiring experts at Nova Staffing can’t wait to hear from you.


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