Finding and hiring quality employees has never been more vital nor more challenging. Canadian companies are currently experiencing a “war for talent” with such a hot hiring market, and job seekers holding power have seen new hiring trends emerge. According to our hiring experts at Nova Staffing, if your company wants to stay competitive and seek quality candidates, here are some of the latest hiring trends you should pay attention to.   


Job Seekers Hold the Power

It’s safe to say that Canada and other places in the world are experiencing a labor shortage. With unemployment at its lowest since the start of the pandemic and with more job openings than ever before, job seekers hold all the power. This can be a new experience for companies that used to have thousands of applicants for one job. Candidates are now in the position of being picky and not just taking whatever is offered to them.


If your company wants to hire quality candidates, it’s important to understand where the power lies. Your hiring process should reflect this. Instead of your interview process being about candidates convincing you of their value and strengths, you should be wooing them about how great you are to work for. These days, it’s your company that is being interviewed, not the candidate.


Streamlined and Shortened Process

Our hiring experts know just how long and tedious the hiring process can be. For larger companies and certain industries, a new hire requires multiple people to agree and sign off on it. That sort of timeline just isn’t feasible anymore. Candidates don’t wait around for weeks waiting to hear if they got a job.


At our employment agency, we encourage our clients to make their hiring decisions within a week, two at the longest. Otherwise, you risk quality job seekers moving on to new opportunities.


Flexibility at the Forefront 

Flexibility is one of the top issues job seekers have these days. In fact, a huge reason people are leaving their old jobs is for not being flexible. A lot of candidates aren’t willing to commit to being forced to come into the office five days a week, especially if their job doesn’t require them to be on site.


Offering things such as work from home or hybrid models can appeal to more candidates. Additional flexibility around things like vacation and sick days can also attract new hires.


Are you ready to start filling open positions with the highest quality candidates? Contact Nova Staffing today! Our team of hiring experts has over 200 years of combined industry experience and is more than up to the task of finding you the right new hires.


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