Are you looking for work in the Greater Toronto Area? Great news, many industries are looking to hire qualified workers right now. Here are four of the top industries that are hiring in Toronto right now.


Medical Workers

While the pandemic has mostly subsided, medical workers are still desperately needed. Toronto is looking to hire medical workers for various fields right now, from doctors and nurses to home health and senior care aides. Some of these positions require extensive medical training, while others are open to those who complete some training courses. If you’re looking to get into the medical field, now is the time!


Airport Workers

It’s no secret that Toronto Pearson airport has been a mess lately. From long lines to lost luggage, the airport has been struggling. A big reason behind this is their need for workers. Airport workers are in hot demand right now, and the top airlines are looking to hire them. From flight attendants to baggage handlers, there are many open positions for those interested.


Transportation Workers

The transportation industry has many lucrative opportunities and strong career growth potential. The trucking industry is looking to hire qualified drivers to keep Canada’s supply chain going. The great thing about entering the transportation industry is that many companies provide the training required or have positions ready and open for those who complete them on their own.


Customer Service

The pandemic hit customer service jobs, such as retail and food service workers, hard. Many of these workers had to pivot into different sectors, leaving openings now that customer service jobs are back. The great thing is that most customer service jobs don’t require training or experience, just a good attitude!


Interested in pursuing these jobs?

At Nova Staffing, we specialize in helping companies fill job openings and aiding workers in finding the right positions for their skills. If you’re interested in finding a job, contact us today or check out our online job board!


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