The trucking and transportation industry is a vital part of the global supply chain and is a lucrative career for those interested. There is more than one type of commercial truck driver job, and every kind of job has its own requirements. Particular truck driving jobs require special licenses, skills, training, or experience.


To help you understand each type of truck driver job, our commercial driver recruitment agency will break them down. Today, let’s look at shunt drivers.


What is a shunt driver?

A shunt driver is responsible for the movement of vehicles on a construction site. This could include trailer units or larger goods vehicles. The job could be maneuvering goods around a job site, into storage or loading bays, or to be picked up by other workers. Essentially, a shunt is responsible for moving LGVs and trailers to designated spots around a construction yard so the work can get done as needed. Since construction sites are often heavily populated, have expensive equipment, and have tight deadlines, shunters are highly valuable.


How much does a shunt driver earn?

Like most trucking jobs, how much a driver earns depends on skills, experience, and region. In Ontario, shunters earn around $45K. However, newer drivers can expect to earn lower until they build up their experience.


Do shunt drivers need a special license?

Depending on the job and employer, a shunt position may require applicable licenses to operate the equipment necessary to move trailers. This could include needing a class D, A, or Z license. Most commercial trucking jobs will require one of these licenses, so investing in training and special licenses will open up doors for multiple commercial truck driver jobs.


What does a shunt driver do?

As a shunt, you’ll have two primary duties- preparing trailers for moving and driving or “shunting” the trailers. Preparing the trailers would involve yard checks, attaching the trailers, checking locked trailers, and completing any necessary forms. Moving the trailers involves driving, some administrative work, and communicating with the warehouse and dispatchers.


What skills does a shunt driver need?

In addition to having the required driving experience and license, shunts must also know how to communicate and work well with others. A construction site has many moving parts, and shunts will need to work with others to ensure everything is being done correctly. Paying attention to details and staying calm in stressful situations is also highly valued, as job sites can sometimes be busy and tense.


How does one get a shunt driver job?

If you’re interested in becoming a shunt driver, you can contact Nova Driver Services today! Our team of hiring experts is ready to help find you the perfect commercial driver position. You can also check out our online job board to see all of our open truck driver roles. 


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