The most critical piece of a job hunt is a well-written resume. Your resume tells potential employers who you are and what you can do. Hiring managers often don’t have much time to pursue resumes, so having a well-crafted document is the best way to set yourself up for success. According to our hiring experts at Nova Staffing, here are the critical elements every resume needs.


Contact Details

You’d be surprised how often our employment agency gets resumes without contact details. Even if you create the most excellent resume in the world, if employers have no way of getting in touch with you, you’ll never get the job. Ensure you include your full name, phone number, email address, and, potentially, your home address. You don’t have to include your full address, but companies typically like to know what city you reside in.



Your resume isn’t just a document listing your skills and experience, but it’s also your first opportunity to introduce yourself to companies. A short bio at the top of your resume, covering your key experience, skills, and personality, is a great way to let potential employers know who you are. Our hiring experts recommend keeping it to a short paragraph at most.



Experience is great, but employers want to know what skills you’ve learned from your past employment and education. A common mistake people make is listing only general skills such as “communication” and “time-management.” While these are great, employers often want to know your hard skills. Ensure you include more specific skills, such as software and programs you know, and any industry-specific skills you’ve mastered.



Your past employment and experience will take up the bulk of your resume. After all, for employers, the best way to judge future performance is to look at the past. Don’t make the mistake of throwing everything on your resume, though. Make sure your curate your resume to include relevant experience to the job you’re applying for.



If you’ve earned industry accolades, be sure to include them in your resume! Some job-seekers avoid including these, so they don’t come across as a braggart, but you should be proud of your accomplishments. Make sure you’re keeping it to relevant honors and awards, though.



As an employment agency, we can tell you that skills and experience are only one part of hiring the right candidate. Cultural fits are also a key part of hiring the right person. That’s why we love it when candidates include hobbies and interests on their resumes. It makes you stand out and makes your resume more personal.


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