Expanding your commercial driver fleet can be a challenging endeavor, especially when your primary focus is ensuring the smooth operation of your company and timely delivery of orders. However, the task becomes significantly more manageable by partnering with a reputable commercial driver recruitment agency such as Nova Driver Services. Leveraging our expertise and a proven 5-step driver recruitment process, we are committed to delivering top-quality candidates for your fleet.


Step 1: Sourcing

We start by engaging in a comprehensive discussion to understand your specific hiring needs and desired candidate traits. Drawing from our extensive network and leveraging strategic online advertising, we source a pool of exceptional candidates. Each applicant is rigorously screened, with their resumes and experience thoroughly reviewed, and preliminary phone screenings conducted to ensure only the most qualified candidates progress in the hiring process.


Step 2: Interview

Interviewing is an art, and one that our driver hiring experts at Nova have mastered! During this stage, we meticulously evaluate candidates for their work experience, skills, availability, personality, and other crucial attributes. This process enables us to identify individuals who possess the necessary qualities to thrive in the job and align with your company’s values and culture.


Step 3: Post-Interview

Upon selecting the top candidates, our team initiates the post-interview phase. During this stage, we verify the candidates’ qualifications for commercial trucking jobs. This includes conducting comprehensive reference checks, examining their criminal backgrounds, and validating their licenses to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Step 4: Testing

Candidates who successfully pass the post-interview stage and seem like a strong fit undergo the required testing procedures. This includes mandatory drug and alcohol testing, as well as medical assessments. Additionally, our hiring experts ensure that candidates possess any specialized expertise and training necessary for the job, such as certifications for transporting hazardous and dangerous goods.


Step 5: Placement

Once a candidate has proven to be an excellent fit and has successfully completed all necessary testing and checks, we facilitate their placement within your fleet. We collaborate closely with you to ensure their availability aligns with your operational needs and provide guidance throughout the orientation process. In the event of any concerns or issues, we act as a mediator to ensure smooth communication between both parties.


Are you looking to hire quality commercial drivers? Contact Nova Driver Services today! 

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