3 Benefits of Using a Driver Recruitment Agency

Trucks move the majority of freight across North America and are one of the most important industries in keeping the economy going. Finding qualified truck drivers isn’t always easy, though. The industry has been struggling with a driver shortage for years, and it can take a lot of resources for transportation companies to hire themselves. This is where driver recruitment agencies come in. Here are a few ways to use a staffing agency to hire truck and delivery drivers to benefit your company.


Streamlined Recruitment

Recruiting for a driver position isn’t always easy. Not only is there a national shortage of drivers, but there are a ton of qualifications needed to fulfill these positions. It can take a lot of time and energy for trucking companies to recruit, which is why many turn to employment agencies. A driver recruitment agency will take care of interviewing, looking into backgrounds, check qualifications, and testing job skills. They’ll send only the most qualified candidates your way so that you can focus on running your business.


Flexible Hiring

A driver recruitment agency doesn’t just focus on long-term hires. They can also help fill temporary or seasonal positions. The transportation industry is busier during certain times of the years, so you may find yourself needing more delivery drivers during the holiday season. A driver employment agency will always be on hand to send you qualified drivers as needed to help when the workload picks up, or your full-time drivers are out.


Qualified Candidates

One of the hardest parts about recruiting for driver positions is weeding through to find qualified candidates. The transportation industry is heavily regulated, and there are specific qualifications in order to be an eligible commercial driver. Drivers in Ontario need a certain number of training hours, specific types of licenses, and have to clear a background check. Driver recruitment agencies are already well versed in screening driver candidates. They have the tools and experience to find the best drivers for the job quickly.


Are you looking for qualified drivers in Ontario? Contact Nova Staffing today! Our team of HR experts is experienced in staffing driver positions. We even have a dedicated team, Nova Driver Services, to help companies fill driver jobs with qualified candidates.


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