Canada’s Seasonal Hiring Frenzy Begins

The holiday shopping season is one of the busiest and most important times for many businesses. With colder weather arriving and the holidays looming, companies are looking for additional help. This is something temporary hiring agencies, like Nova Staffing, aid businesses with every year. However, this year is more of a frenzy than usual.


It’s reported that employers are having a more challenging time than normal hiring temporary workers to cover the demand of the holiday season. The number of job postings of seasonal hires is outpacing those looking for these types of positions. Seasonal postings this winter are up 28% compared to last year and 40% from 2019. However, people looking for these temp positions are still below pre-pandemic levels.


“Employers have found it challenging to fill roles across the economy, and I think seasonal hiring is going to be no different this year,” said Brendon Bernard, senior economist at Indeed.


“For some individual employers, I do think filling those roles is going to be difficult. And so then the question is … what are employers doing to differentiate themselves?”


Employers may need to adjust wages or offer scheduling flexibility to attract hires. Temp workers don’t get benefits, such as sick or vacation days, so whatever extras a business can offer can set them apart from other companies looking for the same type of workers.


A big reason employers are pushing for holiday hiring is the expectation that shoppers will return to stores in person after the pandemic. Most seasonal hires are for retail-focused jobs that address the increased shopping during the holiday season. In fact, half of this year’s seasonal job postings are for customer-facing retail positions such as sales associates and customer service representatives. With major shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day, as well as the Christmas shopping rush, retailers are right to be concerned about ramping up staffing levels.


Stores that cannot meet their staffing needs may have to resort to shorter hours or other measures. If your business is in need of temporary, seasonal hires, contact Nova Staffing today. Our team of hiring experts has extensive experience hiring talented temporary workers.

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