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Help with Your Growing Business

As your business grows, you may find that you are in need of more employees. Or maybe you are reaching your busy season and need some extra hands to help out around the company. Whether you are ready to hire on a full-time worker or need some temporary help, working with a staffing agency who can do recruitment process outsourcing can be advantageous.

When it comes to finding the right hiring solution for your company, there are many different ways to accomplish that goal. Whether you are looking to do direct hire or want to do an employee leasing, at Nova Staffing, we will work with you to meet your employee needs. Our employer portal gives you the ability to choose the services that will work best for you and your business. It will save you time and money during your employee search and help you find the right person for the job.

Work with Specialized Staffers

At Nova Staffing, we focus on a few special industries, including industrial electricians, Dz, Az, buyers, welders, and forklift operators, among others, so we can get you the best for your company. By narrowing our field, we are able to focus on the people who have the skills your business needs and get them into the position quickly. We also know these industries inside and out, so we are aware of the skills and qualifications you are looking for and will find the people who possess them.

Even if we don’t have the candidates currently on hand, we know where to find them. We will go through the process of posting your position and interviewing the potential candidates. We will save you time and money and get you the best person for the job.

Let Us Know What You Need

When you work with the professionals at Nova Staffing, you can rest assured that you are being backed by an experienced team. After you let us know exactly what you need, we will do our best to fulfill your wants and desires. Contact us today so we can expand your staff, whether on a temporary, contract, or seasonal basis.

Temporary to Hire

Whether you need someone for a single day, a small project, a week, year or even to test out before you hire them on your payroll this would be the best service for you. We are the employer of record and pay them and bill you for only the hours they work, we pay everything else. Call us today for details.

Direct Hire

This popular service has us hunting for that perfect person for you. From the junior to most senior level, hard to fill position, let us do the work so you can focus on your clients. We look for those people who are hard at work now but not entirely happy. They are looking for a place they can love, going to work where they say “Thank God it’s MONDAY” and not TGIF.

Payroll Processing

We run your payroll for you saving you time and money. We can even be the Employer of Record thus freeing up your time from learning the ins and outs of payroll, Human Resources and the Employment Standards act.

This allows you to run your business, taking care of your customers which is what will make you even more successful.

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LATEST NEWS // What's Going On

  • INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER October 30th, 2018

      Check us out for regular updates on Instagram at NovaStaffing and    Twitter at @NovaStaffing.   Follow us to keep updated as we post jobs daily. We currently have over 550 jobs available from Ottawa to Vancouver.

  • Fall is here…{even though it feels like Winter} October 22nd, 2018

    Here we are, TONS OF JOBS and not enough people to fill them. Between our two companies, Nova Staffing Inc. and Nova Driver Services, we have almost 200 different positions representing almost 500 JOBS!!! We have Professional, office, warehouse, and driver jobs available. From Vice-Presidents to order pickers and everything


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