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Running a business requires focusing on many different functions and if there’s one function of the business you can outsource to experts who know better, wouldn’t that be ideal? Outsourcing your hiring needs to an HR recruiter or staffing agency could help take one of the many burdens off your shoulders and let you focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Get Personalized HR Solutions

We understand that all businesses have unique HR requirements and our expert staff members are trained to handle all your needs. Our hiring process starts with first understanding your organization and the role you’re looking to fill. We then look deep into our wide pool of candidates to find suitable matches and if we don’t have the candidate on hand to fill the position, we will take on the task of posting the position onto job search websites. After the resumes start pouring in, we will go through each and every resume and only select the most appropriate candidate for you.

Choose from a wide range of HR services we have to offer:

  • Advertising and sourcing
  • Resume review and short list preparation
  • Reference checking
  • Criminal and background checks
  • Academic credential verification
  • Candidate offer preparation and presentation
  • Outplacement and career counselling

Let the experts handle it.

We at, Nova Staffing, have been in business for almost 20 years and have provided HR solutions to many organizations across varying industries. We have the expertise to find the people who will work best for your business. We take the time out to understand your needs and help you match with right candidates that will be best suited for your organization.

Interested to partner with us? Fill in the contact form or give us a call today and one of our seasoned staff members will be there to assist you.

Trust Nova Staffing for your Hiring Needs

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