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Established in 2000, Nova Staffing started off with one main goal in mind – to help companies envision and adopt better recruitment and hiring processes to find the right fit at the right place and at the right time. Headquartered in Brampton with offices in three more locations, Nova Staffing offers recruitment services and staffing solutions in Brampton, other cities of GTA and nationally. Over the last two decades, Nova Staffing has grown tremendously due the efforts of the team and dedication towards our clients. Our team boasts of over 75 years of combined management experience and over 100 years of industry related experience. Our services have been recognized and awarded nationally making us the premier partner for recruitment and hiring of multiple organizations across industries.


For Employers

We are committed to building long-term relationships with all our customers. We take the time to understand your needs and match you with industry specialized recruiters help you find the perfect fit. Whether you are hiring for urgent or future needs, we will work towards finding the ideal candidate for you.

For Job Seekers

Put an end to ‘staffing agencies near me’ searches as we are your one stop shop. Whether you are actively looking or browsing for the future, we will take the time to match you with an employer who is searching for your skillset. We care about your career growth


Experienced Resources

Not all organizations have hiring experts at their disposal to carry out all HR functions. Leave it to our experienced team at our staffing agencies in Brampton and the rest of GTA.

Large Focused Pool

At Nova Staffing we specialize in a few fields unlike other staffing companies in Toronto and GTA thereby making us experts with access to a large network of prime candidates.

Specialized Industries

Our expertise lie in hiring for jobs like packer, 443A, buyer, controller, and millwright, among some others. For these industries, we have the staffing solutions you’re looking for.

Additional Features

The relationship we have with our clients is the most thing to us. We therefore provide additional services like initial screening, tailored services, payroll processing and more to help you in the long-term.

Have us contact you

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Steve Taylor

With a degree in business from The University of Toronto and a keen sense of business knowledge, Steve is the force behind Nova Staffing Incorporated. His expertise and approachability aid him in the recruitment of employees for Nova’s clients. Contact Steve at 905-282-9771 or via email at steve@novastaffing.com


Suzanne McInernery
VP Recruitment
Suzanne has done every job in our industry, from answering phones, dispatching personnel, to selling to head hunting Presidents and Vice Presidents; you name it, she’s done it. With more than 20 years’ experience (if I said more, you wouldn’t believe me, she looks so young), she can find your next, best hire to strengthen your team.

She leads our 7 person recruitment team; we’re able to find you everything from your next President down to your hourly workers working on a line or sweeping your floors.

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