2022 Hiring Trends to Pay Attention To

Are you looking for a new career or want to expand your team in the New Year? In order to have the most success, as both an employee or employer, it’s important to understand the latest hiring trends. Our recruitment experts at Nova Staffing explain some of the rising hiring trends you should pay attention to in 2022.


Virtual Recruiting is the New Normal

Before the pandemic, hiring agencies and companies were already conducting initial interview rounds over the phone or computer. When the pandemic struck, the entire hiring process turned virtual, and now that’s here to stay. Recruitment agencies have started expanding virtual hiring, hosting entire virtual events, multi-person remote interviews, and virtual workplace tours. It’s not unusual these days for someone to get hired without ever having met someone from the company in person. Virtual interviews will be around for a while, with only final-round candidates likely getting an in-person interview, so make sure you’re comfortable with video interviews. 


Employment Gaps No Longer Alarming

Gaps in employment history used to be a red flag for recruiters. Even if it didn’t prohibit someone from getting hired, it still raised questions. These days, companies and recruiters don’t care about employment gaps as much. Not only are companies eager to fill vacancies, but they also realize that the pandemic resulted in a loss of employment opportunities for people. The pandemic also saw a rise in burnout and mental health issues, which companies are more understanding towards. So if you have gaps in your employment, don’t expect to face as much of a stigma these days. 


Remote Working & Hybrid is Sticking Around

Although some industries and companies still require employees to come into physical workspaces, many companies are fully embracing remote working and hybrid work models. Not only is this better in the constantly changing COVID-19 landscape, but it’s also now the preferred work method for many employees. In fact, flexible working options are now a top criteria for candidates applying to jobs. 


“Onsite” is the New “Offsite”

Remember before the pandemic when offsite meetings and team events were a special treat? With the rise of remote and hybrid working, “onsite” is now the new “offsite.” Coming into the office to collaborate in person, touch base, or have team meetings will now be the rare, special event. Onsite meetings will now require the same planning and attention that offsite meetings used to have, especially with so many not used to commuting daily anymore. 


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