5 Ways to Simplify the Hiring Process

Hiring is a complex and time-consuming process. Every company wants talented employees but recruiting them isn’t always straightforward. It’s easy for employers to get overwhelming with recruitment efforts, so here are a few tips to simplify the process from our HR experts at Nova Staffing.


Focus on Company Needs and Wants

Before you start the hiring process, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Thinking through your hiring goals beforehand will make it easier to know when you’ve accomplished them. Take the time to list what you need and want out of a candidate, and then go from there.


Make Job Listings Simple and Straightforward

A lot of companies tend to overthink job listings. While there is an art to a good job description, what matters is that it’s simple and clear. Potential employees should know exactly what job they’re applying for, what their duties would be, and any job requirements.


Make Applying Easy

There’s nothing that turns off quality candidates more than making the application process difficult. Potential employees should know exactly how they can apply if interested. Companies should make sure that their application portal is easy to use and in working order.


Communicate Clearly

How a company communicates says a lot about them, and employees know this. Quality talent isn’t going to be very interested in a job if it takes a business a long time to get back to them or if their communication is vague. Make sure whoever is in charge of hiring is getting back to candidates in a timely, clear, and professional manner.


Use a Hiring Agency

Hiring agencies like Nova Staffing specialize in recruitment. They can help your company seamlessly navigate the process, from writing job descriptions, posting job listings, reading applications, interviewing candidates, and even training new hires. At Nova Staffing, our team of hiring experts has over 200 years of industry experience. We know how to make the hiring process as simple and smooth as possible for both companies and candidates.


Contact us today if you’re looking for help with your staffing needs! Our team of employment experts has decades of experience and is ready to help your company.  


5 Employment Lessons Learned During 2020

This year has been unlike any previous one. COVID-19 rocked the world, resulting in massive changes in how people lived and businesses operated. 2020 is finally coming to a close, but it’s important not to forget the lessons learned this year. Here are five employment lessons our hiring experts learned this year that businesses should keep in mind as we enter the New Year.


Being Proactive is Better than Reactive

When the pandemic first struck, HR professionals and businesses had to scramble to adapt work from home policies, make in-person workspaces safe, and manage remote teams. This was a chaotic time that highlighted the need for businesses to be proactive and not simply reactive.


COVID-19 is not the first, nor the last, disruptive event to impact business operations. Whether it’s another global pandemic or something else, businesses should make proper preparations to make sure their company and employees are resilient. Reach out to HR experts to map out a few worst-case scenarios in case employees suddenly can’t come into offices again.


Work From Home Has Benefits Beyond COVID-19

If 2020 taught businesses anything, it’s that most of those meetings could have been emails after all. And this isn’t a bad thing! Many businesses have realized there are benefits of adopting a work from home model beyond the pandemic. There’s a reason why so many companies are now looking into keeping remote working or adopting a hybrid model.


Working from home has been proven to boost productivity and morale among employees. It also helps reduce overhead costs, such as office space and upkeep costs. Remote working also eliminates commuting, saving employees time, which allows them to do more outside of work hours so they can focus on the job once they’re on the clock.


Compassion and Creativity Outweigh Workplace Traditions

This year has really highlighted which businesses valued their employees’ health and safety. This is a good message to carry into the New Year. This year showed just how out of touch traditional workplace practices were, like limited sick days and strict work hours. Companies that showed compassion and embraced creative solutions were the ones to thrive.


Businesses should take this time to re-evaluate workplace policies such as work hours, working from home, sick days, and more. For the health and safety of other employees and the business, companies should be making sick employees come into the office, even if they are out of sick days. If your company found your current policies too stringent during COVID, it’s time to update them.


Top-Down Communication is Key

The beginning of COVID-19 and 2020 was a chaotic, confusing blur. News around the virus and what companies were doing to combat it in the workplace were changing almost hourly at times. Companies that didn’t have clear communication suffered, and employees were left confused and unproductive.


There will always be challenges in a business. One thing our HR experts learned in 2020 was the importance of clear, top-down communication. Employees shouldn’t be left wondering what is going to happen. In times of crisis, companies need to make communication a priority.


Use Help When Needed

This year really stretched everyone’s capabilities to the limits. Between the constant changes, the confusion and chaos, and the very real fears of the virus, many people found themselves needing more help than usual. Our employment experts at Nova Staffing found this was true for businesses as well. When times get tough, companies shouldn’t be afraid of reaching out for help.


One great reason to use an employment agency’s services is that it allows you to focus on running and growing your business. By partnering with a great hiring agency like Nova Staffing, you’ll have more time to do your job while we find you quality candidates to fulfill your staffing needs. Contact us to speak to one of our HR experts and see how we can help your business!


What Makes Nova Staffing the Best Employment Agency

What Makes Nova Staffing the Best Employment Agency- NOVA STAFFING

Nova Staffing just recently celebrated 20 amazing years as a company. During our time, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best employment agencies in the GTA. We were even recently named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies! So, what exactly makes Nova Staffing so great? Here are a few things that set us apart from other staffing agencies.



There’s an art to finding the right candidates for a job listing, and Nova Staffing is more than skilled at it. Our agency has been around for 20 years, and our team has over 200 years of combined industry experience. This means that we can find quality candidates and week out those that wouldn’t be a good fit. Our experience and ability to find the best employees for the job help save our clients time and money.


Industry Knowledge

One thing that makes Nova Staffing one of the best employment agencies in the GTA is our vast industry knowledge. While other agencies may have a hiring niche, we have experience staffing a number of different industries, from offices to work station sanitizers. We even launched Nova Driver Services five years ago to meet the needs of transportation companies looking to hire truck drivers and other delivery employees.



Having been in the industry for two decades, Nova Staffing has built strong ties to a number of different companies. Some of our clients have been using us for years with satisfaction. Our network of clients means that we’re able to fulfill job positions with quality candidates quickly. We pride ourselves on our relationships, and it’s one thing that sets us above the rest.



Toronto is an amazing city full of people from different backgrounds. We know that employee’s backgrounds and cultures are an asset to companies, and we boast a team that is as diverse as the people we find jobs for. Our team of hiring experts speak English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Arabic, and Urdu, which allows us to better connect with candidates and clients.


Ready to start fulfilling your staffing needs? Contact us today to talk with one of our HR experts! We’re here to help you with staffing solutions and any hiring needs.


5 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Holiday Staff

The holiday season is just around the corner, and now is the time to ask- is your business ready? For many companies, the holidays aren’t only the happiest time of the year, it’s also the busiest. It’s not uncommon for workers to feel more stressed and overworked leading up to the holidays. Hiring temporary holiday workers is a great way to combat this. Here are a few benefits to using holiday employees as a staffing solution.


Increased Flexibility

Temporary workers improve flexibility to help with a number of staffing issues, especially during holiday time. From employees taking vacations to increased holiday workload, temp workers can be brought in on short notice to fill any gaps. They can be added where needed for however long your company needs the help. Their short-term contracts also mean you won’t have to deal with a surplus of staff once the holidays are over.


Improved Productivity

A stressed employee isn’t usually a productive one. Many businesses face increased demand during the holidays, and that puts a lot of pressure on employees, leaving them less time for each task. By hiring temporary workers to help with the holiday rush, you can improve productivity across the board.


Save Money

Has your company ever really looked at the math of hiring a permanent employee? Temporary employees are usually more cost-effective than long-term hires. They typically work on an hourly wage rather than salary and don’t get benefits, bonuses, or other company perks that cost money. Temp employees are a cost-effective solution to increase the holiday workload, especially since they’re typically only needed for a few months.


Long-Term Potential

Our HR experts can tell you that one of our client’s best workers started as temporary hires. Many companies find some of their hardest workers by trialing them as temp employees. It allows both the worker and company to see whether it’s a good fit before committing. Using short-term employees is also a great staffing solution while you look for the right person to fill the position.  


Keeps Staffing Balanced

One of the biggest benefits of temporary staffing is that it prevents companies from struggling with under or overstaffing. The holidays are a busy time and often require additional workers to get through it all, but once they’re over, you don’t want your company to be bloated with extra workers. You also don’t want to be caught understaffed during this time of year. The holidays fall often mean employees are taking vacation or fall victim to the flu or burn out. Holiday temp workers can help keep your business’s staffing needs balanced.


Look for holiday staffing solutions? Our team of hiring experts at Nova Staffing is here to help! As one of the top temp employment agencies in the GTA, we can help find your company qualified candidates to meet your holiday staffing needs. Contact us today to get started!

Ontario Employment Outlook: August 2020 Report

Ontario’s employment outlook continued to improve in August. In particular, Ontario and Toronto were hit hard during the pandemic, with many in the labour force experiencing unemployment or reduced employment. While case numbers are starting to rise again, employment continues to increase steadily. August marked the third straight month of employment gains for the province.


Here is a quick guide to Ontario’s employment outlook summary, compiled by our HR experts at Nova Staffing. All data is from the Ontario Government August 2020 Labour market report.



Employment Outlook

Ontario’s employment outlook continued to improve month by month after COVID-19 setbacks. Of the 12.3 million people in the province, 7.1 million are employed. This is up 2% or 141,800 jobs from July. This marks the third straight month of employment increases in the province.


Ontario’s unemployment rate also improved in August. Unemployment last month was at 10.6%, with 841,400 people out of work. This is a 0.7% decline from July, which saw an 11.3% unemployment rate.


Employment by Age

Age continues to play a role in employment. Ontario’s youth labour force was hit the hardest by the pandemic and is slower to recover compared to other age brackets. Youth employment did slowly improve in August by 16,400 jobs. They do have the highest unemployment rate at 27.7% though.


Adult employment in people aged 25-54 also increased by 86,200 in August. Unemployment in adults was at 7.6% in August, down from 8.8% in July. Senior employment added 39,200 jobs in August, but the unemployment rate increased to 8.5% from 7.8% in July.


Employment by Sector

Job sectors continue to rebound from COVID-19 at different levels. Many are recovering nicely and seeing steady employment gains. In August, Accommodations and Food Services led employment gains with 32,800 new jobs. It was followed by Education Services with 30,100 new jobs, which makes sense considering it is back to school season. Next was Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (+21,500) and Healthcare and Social Assistance (+19,900).


Not every industry saw job increases in August, though. Construction led employment loss with 15,200 fewer jobs than the months previous. It was followed by Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (-6,200), Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Quarrying, and Oil (-2,200) and Transportation and Warehousing (-1,400).


Employment by Region

Different regions in Ontario have been experiencing employment gains at different rates. Urban areas such as Toronto were hit the hardest but have been bouncing back nicely. St. Catharines and the Niagara region had the most employment gains with a 4.7% increase. Windsor followed with a 4.6% increase. Toronto came in at third with 4.2%, followed by Thunder Bay (3.9%), Oshawa (3.6%), Kingston (2.9%).


If you’re looking for employment or are a business that is looking for staffing solutions, contact us today! Nova Staffing is one of the top employment agencies in Toronto and has a team of HR experts that can help you. Our team boasts over 100 years of combined industry experience, and we have professionals that speak English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Arabic, and Urdu. 


Pros and Cons of Employees Working from Home

Thinking of allowing employees to work from home? Here are the pros and cons of remote working employers should know.


Even as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, many companies are wrestling with the decision to make employees come back into physical workspaces. Many businesses have found employees are just as effective when working remotely, and employees enjoy the flexibility of working from home allows. Remote working isn’t ideal for everyone, though. Our HR experts break down the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to work from home.


Pros of Working from Home


Increased Productivity

Workplaces have a lot of distractions that employers don’t always realize. Working from home eliminates all of those, allowing employees to focus on their work. Maybe some employees work better with music playing or are more productive without human interactions to distract them. These accommodations aren’t always possible in a physical workspace, which is why remote working can help increase efficiency. Remote working allows employees to create a controlled and productive environment that improves performance.


More Flexibility

Many employers are hesitant to adopt work from home because they’re reluctant to give up control. Increased flexibility in scheduling can help your business, though. These are unprecedented times, and many employees have a lot of stress on their minds. From dealing with virtual schooling for children to taking care of sick loved ones, sticking to traditional work hours at home isn’t always possible. As long as employees do their work well and on time, employers should embrace flexible working. Increased flexibility will not only increase productivity but will also help with employee retention.


Time & Cost Savings

There are a lot of costs that go into maintaining a physical workspace, especially with new health and safety policies these days. Eliminating physical workspaces in favor of remote working can save your business a ton on commercial real estate and upkeep costs. Working from home also eliminates commuting, saving employees time. The time savings allow employees to do more outside of work hours so that they can focus on the job once they’re on the clock.


Cons of Working from Home


Security Concerns

One issue businesses will have to discuss when switching to remote working is cybersecurity. Sending certain information online has a security risk, which is why your business should invest in cybersecurity and establish strict guidelines for work information for employees. For certain industries, though, the security risk is too significant and may not allow for remote working. Your company will have to evaluate whether or not working from home makes sense from a security standpoint.


Less Collaboration

A downside of remote working is that fostering a company culture can be more challenging. There is less opportunity for connection and collaboration when people aren’t in a physical workspace. Employers will have to make additional effort to ensure employees are still effectively working together. This is especially important with new virtual hires so that they feel a part of the company.


More Oversight

While some employees may flourish under more flexibility and less oversight, every employee is different, and others may flounder. Employers will have to keep a closer eye on those that may need more structure even when remote working. This will mean more communication and oversight for managers. Companies will have to evaluate whether their employees do well when working from home and make adjustments if employees start to struggle.


If you’re looking for HR solutions from experts, Nova Staffing is here to help! Our employment agency is one of the best in the Greater Toronto Area, and we’re committed to assisting employers in finding, hiring, and training qualified staff. Contact us today to get started!

4 Great Tips for Virtual Hiring

Canada has done a great job of fighting COVID-19. However, many companies continue to operate on the side of caution by continuing remote work. With looming uncertainty about a possible second wave of the pandemic and an uncertain timeline for a vaccine, many businesses have been turning to recruitment agencies for tips on how to effectively find, interview, and hire virtually. Here are a few tips from our HR experts at Nova Staffing that you should keep in mind when virtually hiring.


Select and Test Video Interview Software

Instead of a conference room or office, online video software is where the interview will be taking place. There are tons of popular video conference companies out there right now. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you research and test them out ahead of time to ensure the interview goes off without a hitch. Be sure to let the candidates know ahead of time which software you’ll be using as well. That way, they’ll have time to get it ready before the interview.


Keep it Professional

Interviews are not only when you’ll get your first impression of the candidate, but it’s also when they’ll make their first impression of you and the company. Try to keep things as professional as an in-person interview would be. This includes staying on schedule, having questions ready, wearing a put-together outfit, and making sure the area around you is quiet with a neutral backdrop. Remember to gently remind the candidate to dress appropriately and find a quiet spot for the interview as well.


Make a Connection

One of the hardest parts about remote working and virtual hiring is forging connections. Asking about job history, assessing skills, and talking about the role and company is essential, but that’s what resumes are for. Connecting with candidates and getting to know them is just as vital to know if they’ll be a good fit for the job. Try having an actual conversation with them and asking a few questions. Candidates that feel connected to you and the company are more likely to be a success.


Use a Hiring Agency

Many businesses are busy reopening and trying to figure out new workplace policies. That may mean there just isn’t enough time to properly find, vet, and interview candidates. Partnering with a professional staffing agency can save your company time and money by letting them handle most of the hiring process. They’ll find, vet, interview, and even train candidates so that you can focus on running your business!


Nova Staffing is one of the top hiring agencies in Toronto, Brampton, and the GTA. We have a team of HR experts experienced with virtual hiring that are ready to help your company with any staffing needs! Contact us today to get started.


How to Staff Following a Pandemic (Without Destroying Your Budget)

Is your business looking to staff after the pandemic? Here are a few tips on how to do it without destroying your budget!


This is the first time in recent history we have experienced a lockdown due to a pandemic. Many people have been furloughed, some laid off, and some others have decided it’s an excellent time for a career change. This begs the question, “how do I staff my business? “


Recall Your Furloughed Staff

Obviously this is the fastest way to have experienced staff get you off the ground and running. Starting with returning staff members is the quickest way to get your staff back up. As a bonus, they already know the company and job well so your business can pick right up. Welcome them with open arms and with full communication. If they don’t want to return then you should. If some of them don’t want to return, refer to the tips below. 


Get Referrals

If you haven’t already asked, “who do you know?”, you should start. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to recruit because, let’s face it, those closest to you and your business should know what the ideal person looks like best. Start with referrals from clients and fellow employees, but don’t feel as if you can’t ask family and friends as well. 


Recruit Yourself

If you have the time to source, recruit, screen, and hire yourself, why not do it? It can, but not always, save you money on recruiting by doing it yourself. Beware though, only you can do the Cost/Benefit analysis of doing it yourself versus increasing your sales and business yourself. Decide which is more worthy of your time and if working on your business is more important, consider the next tip. 


Hire Professionals to Recruit

No business can know everything, which is why companies tend to focus on their core services and products so that they can provide extensive knowledge and expertise for that area. In the same way, staffing agencies are experts in hiring. While internal recruitment is great, an HR agency has the time, resources, and expertise that you may not have. A professional staffing agency can save your company money and time by finding qualified candidates for your hiring needs.


This is a great time to spend the time to revamp your company and staff. There are tons of quality and experienced people looking for work right now just waiting to join your company. If you’re looking for staffing solutions contact Nova Staffing today. We’re one of the top recruitment agencies in Toronto, Brampton, and the GTA. We have a team of HR experts ready to help you meet your staffing needs!


5 Questions Employers Should Ask About Reopening

While other countries such as the U.S. continue to see a rise in case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths, Canada has been mostly successful in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Now that the country is slowly beginning to open, employers face tough decisions about reopening and welcoming employees back into workspaces. Before making the call, here are a few questions our HR experts at Nova Staffing think employers should ask themselves.


When is the right time for employees to return?

The right time to welcome employees back to physical workspaces depends on a lot of factors. Employers should look at local case numbers, review whether social distancing is possible, consider whether being in a physical workplace is necessary, and review other health and safety policies. Many employers are even making the call not to bring people back at all. Instead, they’re choosing to adopt a work from home model.


Who should return to workspaces?

The pandemic showed many businesses that their employees are capable of working effectively out of the workplace. Our recruitment agency has seen more employers adopt work from home guidelines as a result. Your company may want to consider allowing remote working for eligible employees. Employers that decide not to continue remote work should bring workers back slowly in phases. This will enable you to stress-test workspaces in the new environment so you can make any necessary changes before all workers return.


How can we protect returning employees?

Employers have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees. This means adopting social distancing practices, implementing mask-wearing, increasing cleaning schedules, doing temperature checks, altering sick leave policies, and more. Employers should make a complete plan for how you’ll protect workers once they return. How are you going to check for illness? What are you going to do if an employee has symptoms such as a cough or a fever? What about employees that live with high-risk individuals? All of these questions need to be considered beforehand.


What should we do about sick employees?

Although case numbers are dropping, welcoming employees back into physical workspaces increases the chance of encountering COVID-19. Employers need to have a policy in place to identify and handle what happens if an employee is infected. Our HR experts also suggest creating new sick leave guidelines for other illnesses as well. Employers also need to think about decontamination if an ill employee comes into the office and what would happen if other workers who came in contact with them.


How do we communicate returning to workspaces?

Times are tense right now, so it is essential to have a clear plan before communicating with employees. Employers need to answer all of the questions above and have solid guidelines in place before they start discussing returning with employees. Make sure you give employees enough time between announcing reopening and requiring them to come in. Be open to discussions as well. Remember that many employees may have children or high-risk family members that make returning to workplaces more complicated. It’s important to work with employees during these times. Open and honest communication will be crucial.


Nova Staffing can help if you’re looking for hiring solutions from experts to aide with reopening your business. Our employment agency is one of the best in Toronto and the GTA, with a team that is more than capable of helping your business finding, hiring, and training any new hires you need to reopen successfully. Contact us today to get started!


Establishing Work from Home Guidelines as an Employer

Even as restrictions begin to loosen, COVID-19 continues to change how everyone’s personal and professional lives operate. As a result of the pandemic and the on-going limitations, many employers have decided to adopt work from home policies on a more permanent basis.


There are tons of benefits of adopting a work from home policy, and as one of the top employment agencies in the GTA we’ve seen how this employment style can benefit both employees and employers. Companies need to establish a defined remote working policy though. Below are some important factors to consider when developing work from home guidelines.


Determine Who Can Work from Home

Not every employee is an ideal candidate for remote work. Some employees don’t work effectively with little supervision and some roles cannot operate outside of the workspace. Before establishing a remote working policy clearly define which roles can work from home and what the standards for that are. Maybe employees need to be in the role for a certain amount of time before they can remote work or establish a trial basis so that employees can prove they can still effectively work in a home environment.


Clearly Define Expectations

It’s very important for employers to clearly define work expectations for all remote workers. Employees should know exactly what is expected of them each day. This makes it easier for you to determine whether working from home is effective or not. Expectations should include types and frequency of communication, work hours, availability, and quality of output. Make sure employees know exactly what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, and how you would like it done.


Choose Communication Methods

One key thing our employment agency learned when working from home during the pandemic is that communication is key. Effective communication can be one of the biggest challenges in managing virtual employees, so employers need to decide how and when communication happens. Encourage employees to regularly check their emails or internal chats and have their phones charged and on hand. Employees may even want to schedule regular video or voice calls to check-in.


Clarify Expenses Covered

One of the perks of working from home for both employees and employers is reduced costs. Employees get to save on commuting, while employees can decrease office costs. However, there are other costs associated with working from home. High-speed internet, phone data, office supplies, and furniture, as well as electricity and other utilities all need to be taken into consideration. Employers should decide which expenses they’ll cover, whether they’ll provide an allowance, or if they’ll provide other means of compensation.


Keep Employees Engaged

The one downside to working from home is that the boundaries between personal and professional life can get blurred. This can be an issue for some employees. It’s important for employers to regularly make sure employees stay engaged with both their work and the company. It may take a little more effort to create ties to the company and other employees if they’re not in the same office, but employers need to foster a strong company culture, even virtually.


Final Thoughts

Working from home is a growing trend that has only increased as a result of COVID-19. There are tons of benefits for both employees and employers, such as more flexibility, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. Remote working can be hugely beneficial for companies as long as there are clear guidelines established beforehand.


If you’re looking for HR solutions from experienced professionals, Nova Staffing can help. Our employment agency is one of the best in Toronto and the GTA, and our team can help your company find, hire, and train new employees that will be working from home. Contact us today to get started!