6 Ways to Advance Your Career

Finding a good job is only one step in establishing a lucrative career. With inflation on the rise and more job availability than ever before, now is the perfect time to focus on advancing your career. As one of the top employment agencies in the GTA, we’ve seen what it takes to rise and earn more. Here are some things you can do to advance your career.


Take Training Courses

If you’re looking to advance your career, one easy way to show you’re serious and skilled is to take a training course. This might sound daunting while working full-time, but there are tons of training courses that are online, part-time, or only take a few hours! Some training courses require some financial investment, while others are entirely free. Training courses are a great option if you feel you’re lacking in certain skills that could make you more appealing for promotions or raises.


Return to School

If you’re interested in pivoting your career, or the position you want requires certain specialty degrees, it may be worth going back to school. This is much more of a time and financial investment, but one that could be well worth it. Some companies even offer support to workers that are interested in returning to school, so feel free to discuss options with your employer!


Learn a New Skill  

If you’re more of a self-learner, you can take on tackling a new skill! The great thing is many skills don’t require training courses or degrees to master. The Internet has tons of amazing free resources that can help you adopt new skills that will help advance your career. Interested in a position that requires Excel knowledge? Watch some YouTube videos! Have you always wanted to become a graphic designer? Photoshop has free lessons!


Look at Different Companies

Companies often have tighter budgets when it comes to raises and promotions, meaning it may be a smarter move to advance your career at a different company. While older generations were loyal to their employers above all else, younger generations realize that switching companies not only gives them more experience and insight but it’s also the best path to advancing and earning more.


Brush Up Your Resume

Sometimes all you need to do to earn a better position is fine-tune your resume. Your resume is your first impression, so maybe you’re just not making the best one that you can. Resumes should be tailored for specific positions, so make sure you’re not using a generic one that doesn’t really highlight how your skills and experience could help in this job opening. Also, have trusted friends and family members read it over to see how it sounds and catch any errors.



Relationships play a big role in career advancement, whether people like to admit it or not. The higher you rise in the company, the tighter the communities get. Managers want to promote people they enjoy working with. If you’re looking to advance, make an effort to get to know people. Networking can be a powerful yet simple tool for growing your career.


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