5 Things to do Before Sending Off Your Resume

Are you on the job hunt? Having a solid resume is one of the best things you can do to make yourself appealing to employees and set yourself apart from other applicants. Before you start submitting your CV, here are some things our recruitment agency recommends you do.


Check Spelling and Grammar

Even the best of us is prone to spelling and grammar mistakes. A lot of companies will look past one or two mistakes on a resume, but if you’re up against other great candidates, those few minor errors could make or break whether you get the job. Luckily, tons of great free resources can help proofread your resume and cover letter before you send them out.


Keep it Tight and Relevant

You might be tempted to put everything you’ve done on your resume, but this won’t have the effect you hope for. Employers only want to know relevant information about you. Those in charge of hiring often don’t have a lot of time, which means they don’t have the time to dig through a long resume to find key info. Keep your resume lean and specific.


Make it Job Specific

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is crafting a generic resume. While a general resume is fine for some jobs, it won’t be as great as highlighting your strengths for the specific role you’re applying for. A general resume is a great starting place but make the extra effort to tailor it to each job. This allows you to highlight the specific experience and skills you have that would benefit the role.


Share it with Friends and Family

Once you’ve crafted your resume, a good final step before sending it off is to share it with some trusted friends and family. Having them read it will give them a chance to catch any mistakes and point out if you missed something relevant that would set you apart. It’s always a good idea to have another set of eyes go over something before submitting it.


Ensure it has all Important Info

You’d be surprised how often people forget to add key info on their resume, such as their contact info. While your education, experience, and skills are the focus of your CV, you also need to ensure hiring personnel can get in contact with you. Make sure you include basic information such as your name and contact info. You may even want to have your LinkedIn profile for easy access.


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