4 Reasons to Become a Commercial Driver

Are you looking to start a new career? Consider becoming a commercial truck driver! Drivers have a ton of job opportunities and are always highly sought after. At Nova Driver Services, we always have companies coming to us ready to offer competitive salaries and benefits to qualified drivers. Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the best reasons to become a commercial driver.


Job Security

Commercial drivers are a hot commodity. There has been a truck driver shortage for a few years now, which means that companies are willing to do a lot to secure and keep the best in the business. If you’re a qualified commercial driver with a clean record, you can rest easy knowing your job will be safe and that there will always be opportunities available to you.


Lucrative Career

People are often surprised to learn how much money commercial drivers can make. The average truck driver makes about $46,886 per year in Canada, with entry-level positions starting at around $39,000. This only goes up the longer you work, and many companies offer lucrative benefit packages as well. Salary will depend on the type of driver you are, what routes you drive, which company you work for, how experienced you are, and the load you haul.


Variety of Opportunities

When people hear commercial drivers, they often think of long-haul drivers that are on the road for weeks on time. There are actually a variety of commercial driver jobs available. There are many different routes, such as cross-border, last-mile, local, and regional routes. There are also different types of haul you can specialize in, such as dry bed, reefer trailers, auto haulers, tankers, flatbeds, or hazardous materials.


Quick Training 

Commercial driving doesn’t require any sort of extensive education or training. Most companies ask for a high school diploma at most. Those interested in this industry will need to have some kind of certification, though. Most commercial driver jobs require AZ or CZ licenses. Check out our complete guide to Ontario driver’s licenses to learn more.


Are you looking for work as a commercial driver? Contact us or check out our online job listings! Our team of hiring experts at Nova Staffing is ready to find you the perfect position.