2022 Employee Appreciation Holidays for Every Industry

It has been a challenging few years for everyone, and now is the time for companies to spread positivity by recognizing and showing appreciation for their employees. More than ever, employee appreciation is essential to morale, engagement, and worker retention. It doesn’t take much to make employees feel valued, and there are lots of dedicated appreciation holidays that companies can use to bolster employees. Our HR experts gathered all of the employee appreciation holidays for every industry.


Appreciation Holidays for Any Business

Below are some appreciation holidays that fit every industry:

  • National Mentoring Month: Jan 1-31
  • International Thank You Day: January 11
  • Employee Appreciation Week: February 28-March 4
  • Employee Appreciation Day: March 4
  • International Women’s Day: March 8
  • HR Professional Appreciation Day: September 26
  • National Custodian Day: October 2
  • National Customer Service Week: October 3-7
  • Bosses Day: October 16


Office Workers Appreciation Holidays

Does your company operate in an office? If so, here are some great holidays for you to show appreciation on:

  • Administrative Assistants Day: April 27
  • Receptionist Day: May 11
  • Intern Day: July 29
  • Programmers Day: September 13
  • IT Professionals Day: September 20
  • Accounting Day: November 10


Educational Worker Appreciation Holidays

Educational workers have the challenging job of molding the minds of future generations. These positions are high-stress and don’t get much recognition, so if you work in the education sector, here are some holidays you should acknowledge:

  • School Resource Officers Day: January 9
  • School Counseling Week: February 7-11
  • School Librarian Appreciation Day: April 13
  • Teach Appreciation Week: May 2-6
  • School Nurses Day: May 4
  • Coach Appreciation Day: October 6


Healthcare Worker Appreciation Holidays

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that healthcare workers are truly heroes. These are people that work in high-stress, life-or-death situations. Here are some healthcare worker appreciation holidays to keep in mind:

  • National Pharmacist Day: January 12
  • CRNA Week: January 23-29
  • Women Physicians Day: February 3
  • National Caregivers Day: February 18
  • Dentists Day: March 6
  • Dental Assistants Recognition Week: March 6-10
  • Doctor’s Day: March 30
  • Nurses Day: May 6
  • Nurses Week: May 6-12
  • Hospital Week: May 9-15


First Responders Appreciation Holidays

First responders, military, police, and fire personnel work to keep everyone in Canada safe, so here are some holidays where you can show appreciation for their hard work:

  • Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: January 9
  • Military Appreciation Month: May
  • First Responders Day: May 1
  • Firefighters Day: May 4
  • Canadian Armed Forces Day: June 19
  • Remembrance Day: November 11


Other Worker Appreciation Holidays

Didn’t see your industry covered above? Here are some other worker appreciation holidays to celebrate:

  • Waitstaff Day: May 21
  • National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: September 11-17
  • Customer Service Week: October 3-7


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Why Appreciating Employees is Important

It’s National Employee Appreciation Day! Having a day recognizing and celebrating the hard work employees put in is essential, but employee recognition shouldn’t be limited to one day. It’s an important part of company culture all year long and significantly impacts company performance. Here are a few key reasons why employee appreciation is vital to the workplace from our HR experts at Nova Staffing!


Increases Engagement and Productivity

A happy employee is a good employee. When workers feel appreciated, that’s going to reflect in their work. By recognizing the work your employees put in, they’re more likely to be productive and engaged. Don’t expect employees to go the extra mile or work harder if you don’t take the time to acknowledge it. It doesn’t take much for employers to recognize and praise good work, so be sure to do it all year round! It’s a simple way to boost efficiency and satisfaction.


Retains Talent

As a hiring agency, we know that finding talent is the easy part. It’s retaining it long-term that requires more work! Many companies make the mistake of thinking that a good paycheck is enough to keep talented employees around. Quality employees want to feel that their work is appreciated. Giving a simple thank you or praising good work costs employers nothing, but it can go a long way in retaining talented workers. It can also save your company money! Bringing in new hires costs time and money, so it’s always better to try to keep good workers around.


Boosts Company Loyalty and Morale

Did you know company culture and morale play a huge role in productivity? People want to work in environments that make them happy and value them. Celebrating employee accomplishments is a great way to improve company morale and help boost loyalty to the company. The happier a person is in your company, and the more respected they feel, the more likely they are to stick around! Word will also get around, attracting quality recruits and making hiring talent easier.


Commit to Year-Round Recognition

Special days like National Employee Appreciation Day are important but don’t fall into the trap of limiting celebrating employee contributions to one day. Saying a few positive words or a simple thank you throughout the year can go a long way.


At Nova Staffing, we have more than 20 years of experience placing the right people with the right company. Our focus has always been to find the right fit for our client’s companies and understanding that appreciating quality employees can make all the difference. Feel free to contact us for all of your staffing needs!