What Recruitment Agencies Look for in Production and Warehouse Candidates

Many entry-level careers in production and warehousing are better paying than other entry-level positions in other industries such as customer service and retail. It’s an easy career to get into and often has room for upward mobility. It’s also an industry that is in high demand right now. That doesn’t mean every candidate is a good fit, though. Here are a few things employment agencies like Nova Staffing look for in candidates for these positions.



Experience isn’t necessary for every job position, but it certainly helps. Recruitment agencies especially look at experience running certain types of machines. Already knowing how to use equipment in warehouses is a huge plus. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, so if it’s an entry-level production or warehousing position, don’t stress if you don’t have experience yet.



Dependability is huge for warehouse and production jobs. When someone misses their shift, it can mean a decline in production and revenue, not to mention additional stress and pressure on the other employees. An employment agency will look for a good job history with few gaps as evidence that you’re a reliable candidate. Having major gaps in employment or switching jobs frequently doesn’t mean you won’t be considered but expect to be asked about it during the interview process.



Warehouses and factories are high-paced work environments. Companies are looking for candidates that have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to change. Remember, companies have to meet a certain quota within their deadline, or their whole business is at risk. Candidates that can learn new tasks quickly are highly valued and sought after.



Many people might not think communication is important in a production or warehouse role, but they couldn’t be more wrong. These workplaces are fast-paced and use a lot of heavy equipment. Being able to listen and communicate effectively is key to productivity and safety.



If you’re looking for a higher-paying career in warehousing, production, manufacturing, or factories, you should consider specializing your skillset. Candidates with certifications or training in things like welding, CNC, forklifts, and more will see more job opportunities and growth. If you have any specialized skills, be sure to let the recruitment agency know!


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