New Hiring Trends Companies Should Pay Attention To

Finding and hiring quality employees has never been more vital nor more challenging. Canadian companies are currently experiencing a “war for talent” with such a hot hiring market, and job seekers holding power have seen new hiring trends emerge. According to our hiring experts at Nova Staffing, if your company wants to stay competitive and seek quality candidates, here are some of the latest hiring trends you should pay attention to.   


Job Seekers Hold the Power

It’s safe to say that Canada and other places in the world are experiencing a labor shortage. With unemployment at its lowest since the start of the pandemic and with more job openings than ever before, job seekers hold all the power. This can be a new experience for companies that used to have thousands of applicants for one job. Candidates are now in the position of being picky and not just taking whatever is offered to them.


If your company wants to hire quality candidates, it’s important to understand where the power lies. Your hiring process should reflect this. Instead of your interview process being about candidates convincing you of their value and strengths, you should be wooing them about how great you are to work for. These days, it’s your company that is being interviewed, not the candidate.


Streamlined and Shortened Process

Our hiring experts know just how long and tedious the hiring process can be. For larger companies and certain industries, a new hire requires multiple people to agree and sign off on it. That sort of timeline just isn’t feasible anymore. Candidates don’t wait around for weeks waiting to hear if they got a job.


At our employment agency, we encourage our clients to make their hiring decisions within a week, two at the longest. Otherwise, you risk quality job seekers moving on to new opportunities.


Flexibility at the Forefront 

Flexibility is one of the top issues job seekers have these days. In fact, a huge reason people are leaving their old jobs is for not being flexible. A lot of candidates aren’t willing to commit to being forced to come into the office five days a week, especially if their job doesn’t require them to be on site.


Offering things such as work from home or hybrid models can appeal to more candidates. Additional flexibility around things like vacation and sick days can also attract new hires.


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2022 Hiring Trends to Pay Attention To

Are you looking for a new career or want to expand your team in the New Year? In order to have the most success, as both an employee or employer, it’s important to understand the latest hiring trends. Our recruitment experts at Nova Staffing explain some of the rising hiring trends you should pay attention to in 2022.


Virtual Recruiting is the New Normal

Before the pandemic, hiring agencies and companies were already conducting initial interview rounds over the phone or computer. When the pandemic struck, the entire hiring process turned virtual, and now that’s here to stay. Recruitment agencies have started expanding virtual hiring, hosting entire virtual events, multi-person remote interviews, and virtual workplace tours. It’s not unusual these days for someone to get hired without ever having met someone from the company in person. Virtual interviews will be around for a while, with only final-round candidates likely getting an in-person interview, so make sure you’re comfortable with video interviews. 


Employment Gaps No Longer Alarming

Gaps in employment history used to be a red flag for recruiters. Even if it didn’t prohibit someone from getting hired, it still raised questions. These days, companies and recruiters don’t care about employment gaps as much. Not only are companies eager to fill vacancies, but they also realize that the pandemic resulted in a loss of employment opportunities for people. The pandemic also saw a rise in burnout and mental health issues, which companies are more understanding towards. So if you have gaps in your employment, don’t expect to face as much of a stigma these days. 


Remote Working & Hybrid is Sticking Around

Although some industries and companies still require employees to come into physical workspaces, many companies are fully embracing remote working and hybrid work models. Not only is this better in the constantly changing COVID-19 landscape, but it’s also now the preferred work method for many employees. In fact, flexible working options are now a top criteria for candidates applying to jobs. 


“Onsite” is the New “Offsite”

Remember before the pandemic when offsite meetings and team events were a special treat? With the rise of remote and hybrid working, “onsite” is now the new “offsite.” Coming into the office to collaborate in person, touch base, or have team meetings will now be the rare, special event. Onsite meetings will now require the same planning and attention that offsite meetings used to have, especially with so many not used to commuting daily anymore. 


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5 Questions Employers Should Ask About Reopening

While other countries such as the U.S. continue to see a rise in case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths, Canada has been mostly successful in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Now that the country is slowly beginning to open, employers face tough decisions about reopening and welcoming employees back into workspaces. Before making the call, here are a few questions our HR experts at Nova Staffing think employers should ask themselves.


When is the right time for employees to return?

The right time to welcome employees back to physical workspaces depends on a lot of factors. Employers should look at local case numbers, review whether social distancing is possible, consider whether being in a physical workplace is necessary, and review other health and safety policies. Many employers are even making the call not to bring people back at all. Instead, they’re choosing to adopt a work from home model.


Who should return to workspaces?

The pandemic showed many businesses that their employees are capable of working effectively out of the workplace. Our recruitment agency has seen more employers adopt work from home guidelines as a result. Your company may want to consider allowing remote working for eligible employees. Employers that decide not to continue remote work should bring workers back slowly in phases. This will enable you to stress-test workspaces in the new environment so you can make any necessary changes before all workers return.


How can we protect returning employees?

Employers have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees. This means adopting social distancing practices, implementing mask-wearing, increasing cleaning schedules, doing temperature checks, altering sick leave policies, and more. Employers should make a complete plan for how you’ll protect workers once they return. How are you going to check for illness? What are you going to do if an employee has symptoms such as a cough or a fever? What about employees that live with high-risk individuals? All of these questions need to be considered beforehand.


What should we do about sick employees?

Although case numbers are dropping, welcoming employees back into physical workspaces increases the chance of encountering COVID-19. Employers need to have a policy in place to identify and handle what happens if an employee is infected. Our HR experts also suggest creating new sick leave guidelines for other illnesses as well. Employers also need to think about decontamination if an ill employee comes into the office and what would happen if other workers who came in contact with them.


How do we communicate returning to workspaces?

Times are tense right now, so it is essential to have a clear plan before communicating with employees. Employers need to answer all of the questions above and have solid guidelines in place before they start discussing returning with employees. Make sure you give employees enough time between announcing reopening and requiring them to come in. Be open to discussions as well. Remember that many employees may have children or high-risk family members that make returning to workplaces more complicated. It’s important to work with employees during these times. Open and honest communication will be crucial.


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Industries Looking to Hire Right Now

Industries Looking to Hire Right Now-Nova Staffing Inc | Toronto Hiring Agency

The world is still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the long-term impact is still waiting to be revealed. Canadian unemployment rose to 13.7 percent, and numerous industries experienced job loss. While many sectors suffered, those deemed essential during the pandemic experienced hiring growth and are continuing to expand even as restrictions begin to loosen. Here are some industries looking to hire right now.



Healthcare and public service professions are in extremely high demand. An increase in patients has put a strain on the industry, resulting in a desperate need for experienced healthcare workers. Jobs as nurses, doctors, respiratory specialists, physicians, paramedics, nursing home caregivers, healthcare administrators, and other support staff are all looking to be filled right now. 



The pandemic forced most companies to move their operations to a remote working model. With more people working at home, telecommuting companies such as Zoom and Slack have begun to expand. Many teleworking companies are looking to fulfill positions such as technical support, engineering, finance, and customer service. Even as the pandemic begins to subside, many companies are looking into allow remote working to continue, meaning telecommuting companies will continue to grow in the coming months. 


Tech Support & Customer Service

Businesses have realized the importance of increasing their online presence, and the increase of employees working from home has created a need for more IT and customer service support. As business operations becoming increasingly digital, the jobs for online customer support and IT help are growing. 


Delivery Services

The delivery sector is experiencing extreme hiring growth since the pandemic. Grocery stores, restaurants, online retailers, and warehouse transportation companies are all looking for qualified drivers. Truck drivers are in extremely high demand, and with e-commerce continuing to grow these positions will always be needed. 


How Nova Staffing Can Help

Nova Staffing is one of the best recruitment agencies in the GTA. We partner with companies in various industries, including essential businesses. The companies we work with are looking to expand by hiring qualified candidates. If you’re looking for a job in one of these growing industries, check out our current open staffing positions or contact us to discuss employment opportunities!


Post-Pandemic Hiring Trends to Pay Attention To

Post-Pandemic Hiring Trends to Pay Attention To- NOVA STAFFING

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every aspect of daily life across the world. Restrictions have begun to loosen up, but the pandemic is going to have a lasting impact on how everything is done, including hiring. Below are a few hiring trends that companies should pay attention to in a post-pandemic landscape.


Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility will be at the forefront of hiring for the next few years. The pandemic has shown that companies and employees who are adaptable are the most likely to survive. Increased flexibility in things such as remote working, work schedules, and contract types are growing in popularity already and benefit both parties. Businesses are able to find qualified candidates to meet their needs quicker, and candidates can find positions that are a good fit.


Digital Recruitment and Onboarding

The pandemic highlighted just how vital technology is to business these days. Even as businesses begin to move back into physical workspaces, technology is going to play a crucial role in how companies operate. With social distancing still being required, businesses are going to have to rely on digital recruitment and onboarding for the foreseeable future. This is a great reason to utilize the services of a recruitment agency such as Nova Staffing. We will take care of virtually finding qualified candidates, sending only the best your way so that you can simply focus on onboarding and running your company.


Industry Specific

The pandemic hit almost every industry, but not all of them felt the same impact. While some sectors are struggling and have all but stopped hiring, others are expanding rapidly. Industries such as healthcare, grocery stores, telecommunications, customer service, and delivery services are looking to hire qualified employees right now. These industries were essential during the pandemic and their importance is not going to diminish any time soon.


If you’re looking for HR solutions from experts, Nova Staffing is ready to meet your needs. Our employment agency is one of the best in Toronto and we are committed to helping employers find qualified staff during these tough times by staying ahead of all hiring trends. Contact us today to get started!