5 Tips for Employers Celebrating the Holidays in Office

The wintertime is known as the holiday season for a reason. There are several key historical, religious, and federal holidays that are celebrated across a number of countries and cultures. However, this melting pot of holidays can pose a challenge to employers, especially in a growing politically correct society. Here are a few tips from our HR experts at Nova Staffing on how to successfully celebrate the winter holidays in the office.


Honor Government Guidelines

The first thing employers should do is ensure they know which holidays are protected under federal and provincial guidelines. In Ontario, there are three upcoming statutory holidays: Christmas Day (Dec 25), Boxing Day (Dec 26), and New Year’s Day (Jan 1). This year Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on the weekend, so make sure you’re keeping employees updated on which days they’re getting off to make up for it.


Plan a Celebration

The past few years have been hard for everyone, both professionally and personally. After two years of virtual celebrations, many employees are excited to finally celebrate the holidays in person with their colleagues. Plan something fun for your employees to spread the holiday joy and show your appreciation. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, a fun outing, or just a casual party in the office, your employees will be excited to have you acknowledge the holidays and the end of the year.


Be Inclusive

With so many holidays coming at the same time, planning separate celebrations for each just isn’t feasible. That’s why it’s so important to be inclusive with your celebrations. Gone are the days of “Christmas” parties. Now employers are embracing “holiday” celebrations that acknowledge all of the secular and religious holidays that fall during this time. It’s still possible to be festive without the Christian Christmas decorations dominating the party! This will ensure that everyone in your company feels comfortable and celebrated.


Keep Things Professional

While the holidays are a time to celebrate, ensure that everyone in your company- both employers and employees- are keeping things professional. If you’ve had incidents in the past at holiday celebrations, maybe remind employees of proper conduct ahead of time. This includes not over-drinking, not discussing religion, and keeping ugly holiday sweaters tasteful.  


Respect Time Off

Nothing kills an employee’s morale more than employers that don’t respect holiday time off. Encourage employees to enjoy their time off. Avoiding emailing them during their booked time off. If you’re allowing them to work from home, leave early, or take additional time off, make sure you’re setting the example as an employer. Many workers are hesitant to take advantage of this, thinking it will make them look bad. Remember, employers, set the tone!


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