6 Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Drivers

6 Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Drivers- Nova Staffing

The transportation industry played a vital role during the pandemic, and increased demand for delivery services has resulted in job growth in this sector. Grocery stores, restaurants, online retailers, and warehouses are all looking to hire qualified drivers in Canada right now. As your company expands, being able to quickly and successfully onboard new drivers will be essential to the success of your business. Here are a few simple tips to help you efficiently train new drivers.


Plan Orientation

One of the most common issues cited for driver turnover is lack of training and support. It’s essential to provide a structured orientation to smoothly onboard new drivers. It can be tempting to toss new employees into the deep end and hope they can figure it out, but even the most experienced drivers will need to be eased into a new company culture. Orientation is the perfect time to create a positive long-term impression for new hires so that they feel comfortable staying with your business. Most drivers will decide within the first 72 hours if they’ll stay with their new employer, so it is important to have a positive orientation experience.


Structure Training

Orientation is all about introducing new drivers to your company, but make sure you have formal training as well. Every company does things differently so even the most qualified drivers will still need to be trained on how you want things done. Outline all of the expectations and rules for the job, provide all necessary documentation and answer any questions they may have. 


Provide Introductions

Being the “new” person is never easy. Companies that take the effort to make new drivers feel more comfortable are more likely to retain talent. Be sure to introduce new drivers to others in the company such as fellow drivers, warehouse staff, management, and anyone else they may work. Employees that build relationships within the company are more likely to stick around and be happier.


Cover New Policies

The transportation industry was crucial during the pandemic but in order to keep drivers and other workers safe a lot of new policies are being adopted. Many of the health and safety policies being introduced in companies are new for everyone but don’t forget to take extra time explaining everything to new employees. Clearly go over all new policies you may have around social distancing, cleanliness, and what protective equipment you want them to wear.


Check-In Regularly

Onboarding shouldn’t be a one-time deal. Companies that want to retain talent should be sure to check in regularly during the first few weeks of employment. Keep a close eye on new drivers to make sure they’re keeping up with the workload and happy. You can even assign a fellow driver to act as a mentor to guide them in the beginning.


Ask for Feedback

Once your new driver is settled into their role, check-in again and ask for honest feedback on how they thought the onboarding process went. They might have valuable opinions on how you could improve things for future new hires. Research shows that nearly one-third of new driver hires will quit within 90 days so it’s important to have a great onboarding process to reduce turnover.


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Hire the Best from a Pool of Candidates

hr solutions

Any recruiter today will tell you that they receive hundreds of resumes a day, but far and few in-between are actually from qualified candidates. This is a dilemma for recruiters and businesses looking to fill vacant job posts. How can you find the best possible candidates in a job pool to interview for your business? Simple: utilize the HR services that staffing agencies like Nova Staffing have to offer. 3rd-party human resources services help to ensure that your job candidates are the best of the best so that you can focus on the important day-to-day needs of your business.


HR services have a number of sourcing tools at their disposal, which means they can easily find tons of excellent candidate profiles to fill your vacant position. This is a great asset, as sourcing tools can be costly options for any small business trying to find great candidates on their own. With a 3rd-party HR solution, you can save the hundreds of dollars it would have cost to create pricey monthly memberships for job posting websites.

Resume Review

3rd-party HR solutions compile an ample list of resumes from a multitude of sources. These HR services will review hundreds of submitted resumes in search of the perfect shortlist of CVs for your approval. An effective HR service will check to make sure that the resumes that you review properly meet the requirements of your posted job description.

Background Checks

With a 3rd-party HR service, you’ll never have to worry about any unsavory facts about your candidates slipping through the cracks. Companies like Nova Staffing will meticulously check the references of all candidates of interest. They will also determine whether the applicant’s academic credentials are verified —it’s easy to include a University degree on a resume, but many applicants don’t know that it’s just as easy for an experienced human resource service to determine whether that degree exists. Most importantly, HR services will devise a thorough criminal background check to ensure that your potential addition to the office isn’t a threat to the safety of others.

Career Counseling and Outplacement

HR recruiters utilize outplacement — a support service by which the goal is to help out-of-work employees transition into new jobs. During outplacement sessions, HR recruiters provide practical advice and job training to keep Candidates up-to-date with the trends of their field. Working this closely with candidates enables HR recruiters to determine which businesses they would most likely thrive in, greatly reducing the odds of a bad hire situation. This way, everybody wins — your business gets a hard-working and knowledgeable new hire, and your new employee gets the chance they deserve to thrive in a work environment that suits them.