6 Ways to Reduce Job Interview Anxiety

Interviewing for a new job can be stressful, even if you feel more than qualified for the position. If you feel interview anxiety before the big day, know you’re not alone. It’s completely understandable and common. After all, our job and salary make a big impact on our overall quality of life. Everyone wants to nail their interview in hopes of landing a job offer. Nerves can trip you up, though, so here are a few tips from our recruitment experts at Nova Staffing on how to reduce them!


Take Time to Prepare

A lot of job interview anxiety comes from the unknown. You can eliminate this by preparing ahead of time. Set aside time in the days leading up to the interview to review your resume, reread the job posting, and research the company. The more ready and prepared you are, the less your nerves will be.


Do a Practice Interview

Don’t just stop at research and revision if you’re super nervous. Have a family member or friend set up a mock interview! Practicing questions and responses will help you feel more comfortable and give you a chance to prepare good answers. Especially focus on things like your past accomplishments and what you can bring to the role.


Dress to Impress

When we look good, we feel good! Everyone knows to dress up a bit for an interview, but make sure you’re picking an outfit that makes you feel confident. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable, that’s going to come across in the interview. Take the time to plan out your outfit ahead of time so you can ensure you look confident, even if you don’t feel it. This will also prevent any last-minute scrambling from ironing a shirt or finding the right shoes on the day of.  


Minimize the Unknowns

Make sure you have all of the little details down ahead of time so that you’re not caught out due to miscommunication at the last minute. Verify things such as where you’re meeting, the time, and even read up on who you’re meeting with if you know. If the interview is virtual, make sure you set the software ahead of time and get yourself familiar with the technology.


Mind Your Thoughts

When we’re anxious about something, it’s easy to let negative thoughts overtake us. What if there’s traffic and I miss the interview? What if Zoom crashes? What if I say the wrong thing? While it’s natural to worry about what can go wrong, make sure that you focus on the positives too. There’s a reason they’re interviewing you, so remind yourself on the positive aspects of the situation as well.


Decompress the Day Before

The night before the interview should be about reviewing rather than full-on prep. If you’ve prepared ahead of time, all you need to do the night before is look everything over again, so it’s fresh in your mind. After that, lower your stress by doing something that you enjoy or that relaxes you. Maybe it’s reading a book or working out. Maybe it’s chatting with a friend or meditating. Whatever works to keep you calm, do it!


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