Great Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Summer Help

Summer is nearly here, and with it comes the opportunity to hire seasonal, temporary help for your business. Summer is a busy time for many businesses, and hiring temp workers can help your company in many ways. Nova Staffing is one of the top temporary staffing agencies in the Greater Toronto Area, and here are some of the top benefits of hiring seasonal summer help.


Meet Seasonal Demands

Many businesses experience seasonal peaks in demand during the summer months, which can put increased pressure on long-term employees. By hiring seasonal summer help, you can quickly scale up your workforce to meet these demands without the commitment of full-time employment.


Cost-Effective Solution

Companies are in constant conflict between work output and costs. Hiring temporary help during the summer is a cost-effective solution to help your business scale its workforce for a short period. Temp workers may cost the same hourly costs, but you save by not having to pay for benefits, grant vacation time, or provide long-term job security. This saves your business money in the long run.  


New Ideas

New workers, even seasonal ones, can help bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to your business. Some people have the misconception that temporary workers are unskilled, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They may have different experiences and skills that can add value to your team. Seasonal workers also offer an outside perspective that could help your business innovate and improve.


Schedule Flexibility

Hiring seasonal summer help provides businesses with flexibility. Full-time employees often look to take time off during the summer. Navigating workers on leave and a busier workload can be challenging, and that’s where seasonal workers come in handy. Since summer workers are temporary, you can adjust your workforce according to your needs and manage your resources effectively to avoid being under or over-staffed during this time.


Reduced Workload Stress

Hiring seasonal summer help can help to reduce the workload and additional stress that comes with that for full-time employees. This can improve their job satisfaction and productivity. By delegating some tasks to seasonal summer help, full-time employees can focus on higher-level tasks and projects, both of which will benefit the company in the long run.


Potential for Hires

Just because you hire someone as a temporary worker doesn’t mean it can’t become more permanent. Seasonal summer help can be an excellent way to identify potential long-term hires. If you’re impressed with the performance of a seasonal employee, you may want to consider offering them a permanent position. This can help you to build a talented and loyal workforce. The additional benefit is that you’ll already know them and their skills, and they’ll know the company and culture. It’s a win-win!


Hiring seasonal summer help can provide your business with many benefits. If you’re looking for top temp workers to help you this summer, contact us today! Nova Staffing is one of the top recruitment agencies, and our team of hiring experts is ready to help you find quality candidates.


Canada’s Seasonal Hiring Frenzy Begins

The holiday shopping season is one of the busiest and most important times for many businesses. With colder weather arriving and the holidays looming, companies are looking for additional help. This is something temporary hiring agencies, like Nova Staffing, aid businesses with every year. However, this year is more of a frenzy than usual.


It’s reported that employers are having a more challenging time than normal hiring temporary workers to cover the demand of the holiday season. The number of job postings of seasonal hires is outpacing those looking for these types of positions. Seasonal postings this winter are up 28% compared to last year and 40% from 2019. However, people looking for these temp positions are still below pre-pandemic levels.


“Employers have found it challenging to fill roles across the economy, and I think seasonal hiring is going to be no different this year,” said Brendon Bernard, senior economist at Indeed.


“For some individual employers, I do think filling those roles is going to be difficult. And so then the question is … what are employers doing to differentiate themselves?”


Employers may need to adjust wages or offer scheduling flexibility to attract hires. Temp workers don’t get benefits, such as sick or vacation days, so whatever extras a business can offer can set them apart from other companies looking for the same type of workers.


A big reason employers are pushing for holiday hiring is the expectation that shoppers will return to stores in person after the pandemic. Most seasonal hires are for retail-focused jobs that address the increased shopping during the holiday season. In fact, half of this year’s seasonal job postings are for customer-facing retail positions such as sales associates and customer service representatives. With major shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day, as well as the Christmas shopping rush, retailers are right to be concerned about ramping up staffing levels.


Stores that cannot meet their staffing needs may have to resort to shorter hours or other measures. If your business is in need of temporary, seasonal hires, contact Nova Staffing today. Our team of hiring experts has extensive experience hiring talented temporary workers.

When Should Companies Use a Recruitment Agency?

Finding and recruiting new hires is never as simple as people think. Companies often think they have the hiring process nailed down, but then wonder why retention is low, and turnover is high. Recruitment is a skill, and it’s what hiring agencies like Nova Staffing specialize in. While not every business needs the skills of a recruitment agency, they can be extremely helpful, especially in certain situations. Here are a few times your business should consider using the services of a recruitment agency.


No Internal Team

Not every company has its own internal HR or hiring team. If they don’t, it means hiring often falls on managers. While this isn’t always bad, most managers don’t have experience with hiring. This means they don’t necessarily know what to look for or what questions to ask. They also probably just don’t have the time to dig through resumes and sit through a lot of interviews. At Nova Staffing, our team of hiring professionals has over 200 years of combined industry experience. We know how to find quality candidates that will better your team and stick around, leaving you the time to do what you do best- running your business!



There’s a difference between having open positions and being understaffed. Most companies have more staff than they need at one time to account for vacations, illnesses, or workload influxes. If your company is understaffed, that means other employees are probably taking on extra work, which could lead to mistakes or burnout. Being understaffed for long periods can be detrimental to a business. If your company is understaffed, you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to do the hiring process yourself. You’ll be too busy! Instead, rely on a recruitment agency to find qualified candidates quickly so your team can get back to full force.


Crucial Roles

Some roles are easier to hire for than others. General positions, with many qualified candidates to choose from, are more straightforward. However, roles that are crucial or highly specialized may take more skill. That’s where it’s beneficial to call on the services of a hiring agency. Hiring agencies like Nova Staffing have teams of recruitment professionals that have years of experience finding quality candidates. They know what to look for to find the perfect hire with all of the qualifications you need.


Seasonal Hires

The holiday season is nearly here, which means an influx of work for many industries. You may want to hire seasonal workers if your business experiences an increased workload during the holidays. Finding and hiring seasonal workers, especially for such a short time, might not be the best use of your time if things are already busy. That’s why using a recruitment agency like Nova Staffing, which has experience hiring seasonal workers, makes sense.


Temporary Workers

The holiday season isn’t the only time your business may need temporary workers. Temporary workers aren’t just seasonal. They can be useful whenever you need extra help, either due to an influx of workload or when employees may be away for an extended but temporary time period, such as maternity leave or medical leave of absence. Companies may not want to dedicate internal time or resources to hiring temporary workers, which is when using a temp hiring agency such as Nova Staffing makes sense.


Does your company need help to find qualified candidates? Contact Nova Staffing today. Our team of recruitment professionals has over 200 years of combined industry experience and is ready to help find the perfect hires for your open job positions.