7 Point Checklist: Before You Hire a Staffing Agency Near You

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Finding qualified, quality employees can be a daunting task. The process can be incredibly time consuming, and it may not result in your company finding the best person for the job. Working with a company that specializes in staffing solutions can be beneficial.

Finding the Best Staffing Agency in Brampton

When it comes to working with an agency, the first thing you will more than likely do is conduct a search with the terms “staffing agencies near me.” Having a list and an idea of the different places near you is a good way to find one that will work for you. After choosing a few that look promising, you’ll then need to dive deeper into the process and check off most (if not all) of the qualifications below.

  • They have the employees you need

Do you need a temporary employee? Maybe a temp to hire? Knowing what kind of employee you need will go a long way in a staffing agency in Brampton being able to find the right person.

  • They specialize in your industry

Not all staffing agencies have a general pool of people they pull from. In many cases, they have specific industries they work for, including having people who specialize in the legal field, insurance, real estate, and personal injury, among others. Working with an agency that is outside of your industry isn’t going to be beneficial to you, so find one that can be of service.

  • They work with you during the interview and selection process

Not everyone wants to participate in the interview and selection process. It can be time consuming. However, if you want to be part of this, or develop specific questions that are asked to candidates, you’ll want to work with an agency that allows it. They should be flexible and cater to your needs.

  • They have specific and beneficial onboarding

Every agency is different, so they have different processes for bringing on employees. They may administer a skills test or have training courses to ensure that their people are the best they can be.

  • They perform background checks

This will help ensure that you are getting quality employees. You’ll want to ask exactly what they look for during this process, including what types of references they use, how rigorous the screening process it, and how they handle problems if they surface.

  • They have a defined recruiting process

One of the benefits of working with a staffing agency is that they should have a large pool of candidates to choose from. They should be able to have access to them from various channels, including online, advertisements, employee referral programs, job fairs, job postings, and other places. If they can’t tell you where they find their people, you can’t be sure you’re getting the cream of the crop.

  • They can provide references

A good agency will be more than happy to share references with you, and you should take the time to contact them. This will allow you to see how they have helped others and whether they were satisfied with the results. This could help you determine if the staffing solutions agency is right for you.

Staffing Agencies Near Me

Finding the right staffing agency will take a little research, but it’s worth it to find a company that will get you the right employees for your business. At Nova Staffing, we have years of experience in specific industries and have helped pair employees and employers for both temporary and permanent positions. Contact us today to see how we can help you.