5 Benefits of Hiring Student Summer Help

The snow is beginning to melt, and the weather is finally starting to hint at Spring. As the weather warms, students are preparing for the end of the school year. While younger kids may be looking forward to a few months of freedom, post-secondary students are keeping an eye out for internship opportunities. If your company hasn’t hired summer student interns in the past, here are a few reasons you should consider setting up an internship program.


New Perspective

A fresh perspective is something every company needs. Student interns come with fresh and eager energy and bring a youthful insight that your business could benefit from. Don’t just leave interns to deal with grunt work like fetching coffee and filing paper; engage with them and get their take. Not only will this broaden their knowledge and maybe spark a life-long passion for the industry, but it could also expand your company’s horizon.  


Work Experience

There are jokes and memes all over the Internet about how jobs require years of experience for an entry-level position. Providing Canada’s youth with work experience is invaluable and can really give them a leg up when they’re looking to apply for full-time positions after graduation. It also gives your company to educate and teach a new generation about the industry and help it grow.


Relieve Pressure

Interns are a great way to help lessen pressure on full-time employees. Summers can be hectic for employees, from increased workloads to co-workers taking time off for vacations. Having interns on hand can help relieve this pressure and keep things running smoothly even when things get busy or you experience staffing shortages.


Low Cost

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a student intern is that they’re a low-cost way to boost employment. You do have to pay interns in Canada, but the government and universities often offer subsidies to encourage and help companies to hire students. This means you can get student summer help for practically nothing!


Trial Period

Students won’t be in school forever, which is why they’re not only a great resource but an excellent opportunity as well! An internship is a great trial period to see if they have the potential to become a full-time employee after graduation, or even if they can become a permanent part-time employee that works for your business around their school schedule.


Do you have summer internship opportunities available to students? Contact Nova Staffing today! Our team of hiring experts can find the best student candidates to fulfill these positions.