6 Reasons to Use Temps as a Staffing Solution

It’s rare for a business to have a constant workload and employment needs. More commonly, companies experience seasonal increases in workload and hiring needs. While hiring permeant employees is always an option, making use of skilled temporary workers is another staffing solution businesses should explore. As a temp staffing agency, we’ve seen how beneficial temporary workers can be to a company. Here are a few reasons you should look into using temp employees.


Relief Workload Increase

A lot of industries will see an increase in workload at specific times throughout the year. This season workload increase can put a lot of stress on full-time workers, causing employees to become overworked and disgruntled. It can also cause businesses to spend significant money on overtime costs. Using temporary workers can provide relief, taking on some of the increased workloads.


Save Time and Money

Unless you have a job expected to last six months or longer, your company would probably save time and money utilizing temporary workers. Hiring temp workers is often cheaper than permanent employees, which usually require benefits as well as salary. It’s not just cost savings either- using temporary workers can save your business time as well. When you employ a temp employment agency, they are responsible for recruiting, screening, and hiring them, with some even taking on training as well. This allows your company to spend time on actually running the business rather than looking for new workers.


Prevents Under and Overstaffing

As workloads fluctuate throughout the year, maintaining the amount of staff you need can be hard. Overworking full-time employees can decrease morale and increase employee turnover rate. Hiring permanent staff during the busy season can also have a negative impact, leading to overstaffing once business slows down again. This can lead to increased labor and termination costs. Temps are a great staffing solution for this issue as your business can easily use them when needed only.


More Flexible Workers

A huge benefit of temporary workers is the flexibility you get with them. By working with a quality temp staffing agency, you’ll have access to skill temp workers when you need them and then send them back to the agency. Temp employees also have more availability then full-time workers, making them an ideal staffing solution for less popular tasks and shifts such as overnights or weekends.


Access to Expertise

Temp workers used to be viewed as having a lower skill set than full-time employees. These days, temporary employees are highly valued for their skills and aptitudes. Temps can bring specialized skills to your company required for certain projects that current employees may not have. They can add value to your business, even on a short-term basis. If you’re looking for specialized skills, it’s important to find a temp staffing agency that has a pool of quality candidates in your industry.


Evaluate Employee Without Commitment

Just because you hire a temp employee doesn’t mean you can’t make them a full-time offer if you find they’re a good fit. Some businesses employ temporary workers to see their abilities without committing. Using temp workers is also an excellent way to get work done while searching for the perfect full-time candidate for the job.


If you’re interested in using temporary workers as a staffing solution, contact Nova Staffing! As one of the top temp employment agencies in the GTA, we’re skilled at finding quality candidates to fit your staffing needs.