5 Great Seasonal Summer Jobs in Ontario

Summertime is around the corner, and if you’re interested in a new job for the season, now is the time to start looking! Summer jobs are great for people looking to make extra money or fill up the time between school or other jobs. Many seasonal jobs pay well, and some even have long-term opportunities.


According to our hiring experts at Nova Staffing, here are some great seasonal summer jobs you should look for in Ontario.



You don’t have to be creative to get a summer job as a painter. Given Ontario’s weather, summer is often the only time of year people have to get their house painted. This is a low-stress, low-risk seasonal job. Not only will you make money, but you’ll also learn how to paint properly, which could come in handy when it’s time to paint your own place!



If you want to get outside and enjoy the warmth while making money, then landscaping might be for you. You’ll be doing things like mowing the grass, weed whacking, clipping hedges, and more. With a solid landscaping gig, you’ll make some money, get fit, and can work on your tan!



Warm weather means pools and beaches! Ontario is lucky enough to have some beautiful lake-side beaches for people to enjoy and recreational pools. Many places hire summer lifeguards to keep an eye on visitors. There will be some training and certifications, but this is a great seasonal job option if you love the water.


Administrative Assistant

Are you more of a fan of staying cool inside during the summer? Then an office administrator job might be for you! Administrative assistants, or office interns, do everything from greeting guests and answering phone calls or filing papers and organizing the office. Many of these types of jobs have the potential to turn into long-term gigs if you’ve got the time once summer ends as well!



Want to keep your mind sharp during the summer months? Look into tutoring jobs! Many kids have struggled with education throughout the pandemic and plan to use the summer months to get back on track. You can help them by being a paid tutor. Not only will you earn money and help kids in need, but you’ll also have flexible hours and stay sharp for classes in the Fall.


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