It’s been over two years since a global pandemic crippled the world. Even with COVID-19 restrictions lifting, things aren’t back to normal yet. As the world starts to move towards some resemblance of normalcy, its workers have resisted. This tension between companies and workers has resulted in what many have called “The Great Resignation .” But what exactly is it, and how is it impacting Canada? Our employment experts at Nova Staffing break it down for you.


What is the Great Resignation?

The term “the Great Resignation” was coined to describe the mass of workers in the U.S. that started quitting their jobs after the first few months of the pandemic. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs between November 2020 and November 2021. This number has only gone up as companies have started to demand their workers return to pre-pandemic conditions.


What caused the Great Resignation?

Workers have been very clear about why they’re quitting lately. They’re tired of low wages, unsafe working conditions, and toxic company cultures. All of these issues weren’t new, but the pandemic exacerbated them. Now, as more companies move back to on-site working and look to end work-from-home, a secondary wave of the Great Resignation is hitting. Employees feel they proved they can work effectively at home, enjoy the lack of commute, flexible schedule, and more relaxed environment that comes with it, and aren’t willing to give it up.


Is Canada experiencing a Great Resignation?

As an expert hiring agency, Nova Staffing can say there is a labour shortage in Canada. However, Canada has not experienced mass resignation on par with the United States. Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey found the labour market held steady at 65.3%, virtually the same as it was before the pandemic.


That doesn’t mean everything is perfect up here in the great north. Many Canadians are struggling, with one in four reporting their personal and work lives have suffered since the pandemic. Some reports found that 35% of Canadians are considering leaving their jobs. Canada has been slower to ask employees to return to work-from-home, but we may see a larger spike in resignation as that happens.


How can companies respond to the Great Resignation?

Due to the labour shortage, Canada is experiencing, it’s an employee’s job market. This means companies need to make their job openings enticing with a competitive salary, a solid benefits package, and extras such as WFH flexibility, extra vacation days, commuting costs, and more.


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