When Should Companies Use a Recruitment Agency?

Finding and recruiting new hires is never as simple as people think. Companies often think they have the hiring process nailed down, but then wonder why retention is low, and turnover is high. Recruitment is a skill, and it’s what hiring agencies like Nova Staffing specialize in. While not every business needs the skills of a recruitment agency, they can be extremely helpful, especially in certain situations. Here are a few times your business should consider using the services of a recruitment agency.


No Internal Team

Not every company has its own internal HR or hiring team. If they don’t, it means hiring often falls on managers. While this isn’t always bad, most managers don’t have experience with hiring. This means they don’t necessarily know what to look for or what questions to ask. They also probably just don’t have the time to dig through resumes and sit through a lot of interviews. At Nova Staffing, our team of hiring professionals has over 200 years of combined industry experience. We know how to find quality candidates that will better your team and stick around, leaving you the time to do what you do best- running your business!



There’s a difference between having open positions and being understaffed. Most companies have more staff than they need at one time to account for vacations, illnesses, or workload influxes. If your company is understaffed, that means other employees are probably taking on extra work, which could lead to mistakes or burnout. Being understaffed for long periods can be detrimental to a business. If your company is understaffed, you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to do the hiring process yourself. You’ll be too busy! Instead, rely on a recruitment agency to find qualified candidates quickly so your team can get back to full force.


Crucial Roles

Some roles are easier to hire for than others. General positions, with many qualified candidates to choose from, are more straightforward. However, roles that are crucial or highly specialized may take more skill. That’s where it’s beneficial to call on the services of a hiring agency. Hiring agencies like Nova Staffing have teams of recruitment professionals that have years of experience finding quality candidates. They know what to look for to find the perfect hire with all of the qualifications you need.


Seasonal Hires

The holiday season is nearly here, which means an influx of work for many industries. You may want to hire seasonal workers if your business experiences an increased workload during the holidays. Finding and hiring seasonal workers, especially for such a short time, might not be the best use of your time if things are already busy. That’s why using a recruitment agency like Nova Staffing, which has experience hiring seasonal workers, makes sense.


Temporary Workers

The holiday season isn’t the only time your business may need temporary workers. Temporary workers aren’t just seasonal. They can be useful whenever you need extra help, either due to an influx of workload or when employees may be away for an extended but temporary time period, such as maternity leave or medical leave of absence. Companies may not want to dedicate internal time or resources to hiring temporary workers, which is when using a temp hiring agency such as Nova Staffing makes sense.


Does your company need help to find qualified candidates? Contact Nova Staffing today. Our team of recruitment professionals has over 200 years of combined industry experience and is ready to help find the perfect hires for your open job positions.


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