When to Hire Temporary Holiday Employees

Does your business start to boom around the holidays? Many companies find their workload starts to pick up as we head into the winter holiday season. This extra work puts pressure and stress on full-time employees. One way businesses can relieve this is to use the services of a temp recruitment agency like Nova Staffing to hire temporary holiday staff. But when should you start looking for holiday help?


Holiday Season

The festive holiday season is typically from November to December. However, many businesses start to feel the crunch earlier and begin preparing for it as early as late September or early October. Every business will be different, so if you’re not sure when you’re the busiest, take a quick look back at your old records to see when you start to notice the holiday surge.


Think Ahead

Hiring temporary holiday staff tends to be more straightforward than permanent hires. However, that doesn’t mean the process happens overnight. There will still need to be some time to post jobs and hire, so start planning ahead. Ideally, you should start connecting with a temporary staffing agency by October so that you’ll be ready for the November holiday rush.


Plan for Extra Time

You’ll want to be ready to hit the ground running the moment the holiday rush starts. That’s why you should have your temporary holiday staff already lined up and ready to go by then. Temporary staff is meant to relieve stress, so make sure you set aside time to train the holiday hires so that they know their job before the rush starts.


So, When Should Businesses Hire Temporary Holiday Staff?

Now! It’s already October, and most businesses are already gearing up for the holiday rush. If your business is looking to hire holiday staff, you should start talking to your temp staffing agency as soon as possible.


If you’re looking for help finding quality temp workers, contact Nova Staffing today! We’re one of the top temporary staffing agencies in the GTA. Our team of experienced employment experts is here to find you the best holiday hires so that you can take the seasonal surge on with ease.


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