Why Is It Critical to Consider the Cost of a Bad Hire?

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A bad hire can be an extremely expensive mistake. It’s a disappointing experience to realize that the recruit you thought would bring your business success was never truly cut out for the position at all. This recruitment was supposed to be a chance for an easier division of labor for your team. Instead, your other employees are trying to make up for your new hire’s endless mistakes, missed deadlines, and lack of commitment. If you’re a business that has rushed a candidate toward employment in Brampton, you may be a part of the percentage of companies that lose 17% of their new recruits within their first three months of work. By the 18 month mark, nearly 50% of all new hires are deemed failures by their recruiters. What a waste of everyone’s time. But time isn’t all you lose when you make the mistake of making a bad hire.


Anyone in management would agree: a bad hire can do harm to a business in a multitude of ways—one of which is lowering office morale. Poor morale and productivity have the worst impact on a business and its team. It is very important that a candidate fits in well with the office atmosphere you want to maintain. When a new recruit comes to work with a negative demeanor or is disrespectful or antisocial among coworkers, their negativity can make its way through an office like poison.

Personalities aside, an employee who lacks the skills necessary to do their job effectively can also induce negativity in other coworkers who have to pick up the slack. Some may even feel resentment toward their management for even allowing the new hire to happen in the first place.


It’s probably no surprise that a bad hire can leave you thousands of dollars in the hole. The mistakes of an incompetent employee can lead to damaged or lost client relationships. As nice as it may seem to dedicate extra dollars for more intensive training, it’s hard to justify when there are other candidates out there that are already more than capable. Termination may seem like an easy way out of your mistake, but you may have to bear the burden of paying for expensive severance packages.

Avoid a Bad Hire

Don’t hire just anyone to fill your vacant position. It’s important to make sure that the person you hire fulfills the technical requirements the job entails, but it’s also important that they suit your business and your team. If you’re a local business looking to fill a position, it may be in your best interest to seek employment services in Brampton. Nova Staffing is one of the best employment agencies in Brampton. Nova Staffing will ensure that you get the right employee for your business on the first try.

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